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On 20 May, my nephew and I joined with 5 other fishers and headed off at 3:30AM on the Ruby Sea in search of halibut. Here are a few pix of the high points of the trip.

The Ruby Sea headed out of Warrenton at 3:30AM and travelled mostly west to an undisclosed location. When dawn broke, the Mate, Tony Guijardo, started baiting up. Foot-long mackerel on a 3” razor-sharp hook and nylon rope for leader — the terminal tackle was awesome and purposefully sized to target large halibut.

Here I am winding in what I thought was a halibut, but what turned into a black cod on the way up. Note the conditions 15+ miles off the Columbia. Astonishingly calm day.

Here's my nephew, Don, getting belted by the Mate, Tony Guijardo. Tony was always ready to give the fishers a break. Notice that Tony’s right arm is approximately the size of a grizzly bear’s arm. Wonder why?

This is the 70# halibut that Paul Witschen brought to the side of the boat ...

... here it is in the boat, white-side up ...

... and here's Paul's UglyStik disintegrating as he brings the fish in. It held together barely.

The obligatory boat picture - 6 of the 9 fish caught. What a great day on the Ruby Sea.


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Why isn't the ocean always like that? :smile:

I think we should put in a request!

I have been out with Charlton a couple times, and I put my pictorial/stories off of this page.

If you want to go out with Mark, you can contact him at Phone: (503) 861-2429 or
Boat phone: 503-338-0569

He's great with family groups, and he can handle disabled passengers well, also!
What I like most: There is a REAL and sanitary bathroom on board! :smile:

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