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Yesterday during the 100 degree whether I had to get the boy's (8) and (4)yrs out of the city and into some cooler weather. So I loaded the boat and the cooler with pop and food and headed out. i took them up to my old stompin grounds the upper Clack and spend the afternoon on one of the creeks up above RBRanger Station keeping cool with our Retriever Dakota until around 5pm. We pulled into Lake Harriet for some evening fish. Any old area will do just as long as you stick to the simple rules with kids of lots to drink, lot's of Fish, snacks, and LOTS of patients.
I normally spend the day in the heat with the boys in the boat misearable but yesterday I decided to change it up and it worked great. So next time give it a try keep them cool during a hot day and fish in the evening.
Fire :cheers:
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