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Gov\'t Island Fish before nets!

Reeltrouble and I fished Gov't island this evening from about 3:00 to 5:45. We moved up to the wing dam where all the boats are at about 5:00, nothing going on. A friend of ours showed up at about the time we moved up, about 5:30, down goes his rod, he fought hard, looked like, for about thirty seconds until he spit the hook. Next thing I know, five min later, my rod takes a dive, fought a nice little 18lb URB right into the boat! This one wasn't spitting the hook, he got it right in the sweetspot (corner of the mouth) thank you brad's wobbler, on sale at GI Joes! Later reeltrouble was pleasure boating and he saw the nets in, sucks to that. Tight lines, TOC.

PS 30 Feet of water, chartreuse on silver alvin/brad's.
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