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Predation. Yeah, predation! Damn critters eating other critters to stay alive! We're men, aren't we? We have guns don't we? Kill, for gosh sake! Damned playful entertaining otters anyway!
Most mammals are playfull. Elk, cows, Coyotes etc. Even Ducks and Geese and other birds especially Turkeys. Have you ever ate any of those?

Looking at your posts It looks like you are not a hunter so if you are going to visit a hunting site you need to try to see things from another perspective. Otters are very protected compared to the other annimals I mentioned. One got killed during legal season, they are not an easy annimal to harvest as they are usually on the move following the fish or other food during the winter. As a hunter, If you were complaining about shooting cow elk, I would probably share your concern if you made a similar post, same with shooting geese during nesting season. But with Otters, some need to be removed imo.

I am against killing Beavers because they provide valuable habitat for salmon, waterfowl and other annimals. Otters, not so much.... I saw a video of a pet Beaver the other day and it was using blankets and other household items to make a dam in the hallway of the persons house, so I guess Beavers check the box of cute also..
1 - 1 of 26 Posts