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Good Roe Cure?

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anybody got a surefire roe cure that holds up fairly well with drifting? :shrug:
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I'ts tough to beat it!

Salmon...Try this link Amerman
just borax? :shrug:
1 cup borax
1 cup sugar
1 cup salt
1 quart water

Mix everything together, let the egg sit in the brine for 1 hour. Take out, dry, and then go kill some fish on them!
That will give you the best looking steelhead egg out there that holds up!

Sodium Sulfite works nice on getting a good color of eggs!

If you look at a few fishing boards you will find these two listed. They work good for steelhead fishing!
thats a good one but an hr? better try 20 mins for your first time out and go from there. an hr would be the max for that cure I would think..also add 2 TBLS of pro-glow(DYE)powder.

the dye can be use to get other colors other than natural...but natural is the best for steelhead in my opinion. any one else want to chime in??

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Corkies hold up to casting. Shrimp catch fish.

Mark and the dog.
I have tried the following method, and I am interested to hear what others think. The person who showed me called it 3-2-1 because he used 3 parts boraxo, 2 parts sugar and one part salt. He also advised me to use Kool-Aid if I wanted to add color. I used this for a small batch and they worked just fine (caught some fish that is).
Same as Slade except use Borax not Boraxo. Easy to use and hard to mess them up.
thanks guys. :dance: :cheers:
i used to use a borax brine of
3 cups borax
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup salt
1 qt water
leave eggs in untill rubbery feeling then drain in a refridgerator roll on borax and kill fish

that worked very well for me I found it in an old sts magazine that I cant find no more to double check my mixtures so now I go with dry borax and if I want color I use raspberry jello it works well on either summer or winter fish and I have also caught many a springer on it drift fishing steelies
Mikeymoto, is there a difference between borax and boraxo. Also, my brother-in-law grew up in Independence. How long have you lived there.
Slade boraxo is soap, borax isn't.
I've lived in Indep for 12 years, worked here for 22 years. I grew up in Dallas. If you want either email or PM me with more details.
I recently heard someone talking about using borax and gatorade. They said gataorade provides the sugar and the color :shrug: . anyone ever try this? btw I use straight borax or sometimes add jello and sugar. straight borax is hard to beat in water with visability.
Ammermans Steelhead cure, Cure as per instructions. Then cut into bait sizes then layer baits between folded paper towels. Been working great for me.
I read for that one to do an 1hr to an hour and a half(did for one hour)(I would give the web site link, but, might get in trouble for doing that)
Yes, pro glow dye if you want more color....but steelies had no problem takin the egg without the dye.

I like to take the eggs I get out of May springers or Ocean salt silvers/chinooks and cure them up in the Amermans Salmon egg cure. Now that gives a sweet egg right there.
I have used Amerman's, Quick Cure, and others.. depends on really the conditions on where you are going.. They are all really good cures. I have been using TNT lately and have really liked the results. I know you can get this in Springfield, maybe philomath.. not sure. Salem store should have it pretty soon.
I use a salt water brine (non-iodized) till the eggs float and let sit for an hour and then let them dry. Cut to bait size pieces and powder with borax. I'm new to the curing world, but this has killed a few fish this year.
I like borax/sugar but its not what I would call a "tough" cure. To toughen up your eggs and add a little color substitute brown sugar instead of white.
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