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Columbia River Action Notice
Compact Action
Joint State Action
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife April 15, 2003
The Columbia River Compact agencies of Oregon and Washington met today to
review salmon stock status, review and consider modifications to the ongoing
sport fishery in the mainstem Columbia River, and consider modifications to
Select Area commercial fisheries.
Non-Indian Commercial Fisheries
Select Area Commercial Fisheries
• No action taken. No modifications to previously adopted fisheries.
In Joint State action the states of Oregon and Washington made no changes to
the ongoing mainstem Columbia River spring chinook sport fishery. The
ongoing fishery is as follows:
Columbia River Spring Chinook Sport Fishery
• The mainstem Columbia River remains open to angling for salmon, steelhead, and shad
from the mouth at Buoy 10 upstream to I-5 Bridge 4 days per week (Wednesday through
• The mainstem Columbia River from I-5 Bridge upstream to Bonneville Dam remains
closed to angling for salmon, steelhead, and shad.
• No modifications were adopted for fisheries upstream of Bonneville Dam.
• Other gear and bag limit restrictions remain unchanged.
• The next Joint State Sport hearing to update spring chinook stock status, review ongoing
spring chinook sport fishery, and consider modifications to the ongoing sport fishery will
occur via telephone at 10 am Tuesday April 22.
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