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gold lake..

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Went up to see waldo lake, never been. Pretty cool,really windy......lake was chopped up. Happened to check out gold lake as well. The regs say no limit on size or number of brookies taken. My favorite eating fish. Question: are there alot of brook trout in gold, and what fly seems to entice them?..........thanks..........craig:cheers:
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1) Yes, there are a lot of brookies in Gold Lake.
2) I have found the following flies to be effective; Gold Damsel Nymph, Olive Stillwater Nymph, Gray Scud.
Any small streamer with red on it. Hook size 6-10, with a sinking line. Cast as far out as you can, let it sink down, and strip it. I have caught some nice ones on a mickey finn. This will almost always work when nothings coming to the top.
i did well at dusk with a small emerger. Need a float tube. Every once in awhile you can get a nice rainbow.
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