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posted 08-18-2003 08:45 AM

I wonder how much the Gillnets really effect the fishing around G. Island. The nets go in during
the peaks and it doesn't take that long for the Fall nookies to get from I-5 to G Island. The Gillnetters I have talk to say that
they have little impact on the Fall fishing that sports anglers do.
What do you think ? Here is the 2003 Fall season for nets.

Warrior rock Upstream
7 PM August 13 to 7 AM Wednesday to Thursday August 14 th

I-5 Bridge Upstream

8 PM Monday August 18 to 6 Am Tuesday August 19 th
8 PM Thursday August 21 to 6 Am Friday August 22th
8 PM Monday August 25 to 6 AM Tuesday August 26th
8 PM Wednesday August 27 to 6 AM Thursday August 28th

Seems like the temperature and water conditions are more of an issue than the nets.

Are there any Gillnetters on Ifish ?

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Please don't litter our Oceans and our rivers !
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