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Garibaldi Report, Day 1 of 4 (pics)

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Well I finally got some time off work and have headed off to Garibaldi for four days of fishing. Today was day 1, and what a start to the weekend we had. We headed out to big blue pond, and less than a minute into the trip we had a double on. This was pretty common today. Seemed like whenever one rod went off, another would soon follow. We had some doubles, and at one point even had 3 fish on. It took us all of 2 1/2 hours to get a boat limit. The best part was are hatchery to native ratio was 4:1. Our guide did a great job getting us into fish. Hopefully days 2-4 will be similar. Here are some pics of today's fun.

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Nice job
thanks for the report. looks like you guys had much better luck than the fleet did a few days ago:food:....what a difference a day can make. what was the depth and pulls if you dont mind sharing?
Looks like you are going to do alot better than we did last saturday. Nice fish and have a awesome weekened down there. Tite lines.
Re: Garibaldi Report, Day 2 of 4 updated (pics)

Well the ocean was a bit lumpier today than it was yesterday. Water temperature went from 61 yesterday to 58 this morning. Started off this morning right where we left off yesterday. We had 3 in the box and 3 nates released in the first hour with several others lost. Then after that things really turned off with just a hit here and there. That went on for about an 1 1/2 hours when suddenly 3 rods took a dive and we had a triple going. We were able to land all 3 fish, and they were all keepers. We kept fishing until just after noon with no other fish. Ended the day with six fish in the box. Our guide is doing a great job getting us into fish. We have put 20 fish to the boat the past two days and we still have 2 more to go.
great job on the fish :smash:and i bet you got bounced around quite a bit out there today since they were flying small craft advisories:bigshock:...too bouncy for my 18 footer. where you guys using hardware or bait:confused:?
We actually have caught fish both days on hardware and bait. I would say the majority of the fish though have hit bait. We have been catching them anywhere from 8-18 pulls out. I even hooked up with one just a couple feet from the boat as I was reeling in.
thanks for the info...yeah we were getting hit in the prop wash the time before last that we went out....the last time was a harder show though. i am going to give it a go early next week and let the tuna guys have the marina this weekend.....sounds like there will be quite a few boats at the launch and i think i will pass on the excitement since i can pick and choose my days woo hoooo. good luck tomorrow if you get out.
Nice going. We saw you in the cleaning station this afternnon.
Re: Garibaldi Report, Day 3 of 4 (pics)

Well day 3 was a tough day of fishing. The morning started off very slowly. We did not pick up our first fish until 9 am. We hit two more quickly after that, but then it was pretty sporadic the rest of the day. We would get a hit here and there and that was about it. Towards the end of the day the ocean turned a bit on us and we had to head back in. Which is right about the time we found some more fish. We ended the day with 5 in the box and let 3 back. We caught most of our fish in 250 ft of water. Our guide once again worked hard for us to find fish. One day to go....
sounds like you did better than most from the reports i have been hearing. good job on getting into them:food:
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