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Garibaldi is still pretty hot. report and pic

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I had the pleasure of taking my dad out today. I felt guilty leaving a workload, but my wonderful wife reminded me that" work will always be there, your dad won't". A very wise woman she is.
I got a pm from Aaron the fish checker that the fish had moved north. glad I did not listen to him:wink:. Water was much colder, 10 degrees less than last week. Dropped the soaker pot and headed out
We moved out to deeper water and deployed the gear in about 200'
Found biters at the same depth as last week. Fishing was very consistant, just not nuts.
MANY wild fish, about 4:1. We scratched out the fish we needed. Boy they are getting plump. The coyote spoon did well too, but with a barbless siwash, we lost the first 2 before this toad made it to the net. I may try an octopuss hook for better results. Note the flat sea behind me. Fish the forecast and you'll never fish! That's no 2 and 4!
Came back in and picked up some really nice crabs and called it a great day. Thanks dad for spending a day with your kid. You rocked out there!

For those who go tomorrow. Try a little north, like out in front of nehalem jetty to TR. 200-250' 15'-20' down. We did well with red dodgers, green diver, and a pearl hootchie. troll at 2.5-3 knots, vary speed, make some turns, find the rips out there. Many fish came zigzaging through them.
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Great job on the fish today.
I felt guilty leaving a workload
Most outrageous ifish statement of the year :laugh:

Good looking coho Brad. Looks like they're putting on some poundage.

Tell Pops hello and congrats :bowdown:
What a great trip !!! Man, I gotta' get my dad out there. Thanks for the report.
:cheers:are you kidding me? that was the ocean for today (friday)? boy did they get the forecast wrong on that one. shoulda-coulda-woulda:applause::frown:
Great pics Brad...we were out there also..just like you said, not hot but just steady enough to keep you paying attention. We got our six but released a dozen natives. We hooked them from 15' to 100' on a downrigger. No chinook takes. Great ocean to boot. The fish are getting bigger by the week. HT
Dang it!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe next time:bowdown:
Glad to see you had a good day out there. Thanks for the report.
I felt guilty leaving a workload, but my wonderful wife reminded me that" work will always be there, your dad won't".
Brad!...You have a job?!!:bigshock: I have been living thru you all summer.:passout: Good on you for getting your dad out.:bowdown: I think its time I followed your lead and try to get my dad out this week.:cheers:
Good report, appreciate the tackle notes as been thinking of going hardware, we didn't go friday as forecast was " " and it looks like it wasn't.
hardware is the way to go. Skip the bait. No bait checks, lost bait, lost fishing time. I gave up on herring for coho 3 years ago, never looked back.
You did pretty good
Glad to see the advice wa not taken!!:shrug: The fish just seemed to go on the bite again yesterday:cheers:. Nice fish Brad!!
Way to go Brad. That is so great that you get to take your dad out for a fun day full of memories.
i was there sat the 4th was in the water at the dock at 6:45 and buy 8 we had 3 keepers in the boat, then we hook and land 4 more that where nates, we where in front of twine rocks in 230' of water going 14 to 18 pulls. at the end of the day we had 8 coho a ling cod and a black bass and of the water at 3. they close the bar at 12:30ish to 2:30ish.
Fishing or work?? Great decision!! Way to go on the day those fish look great:cheers:
Man! I was going to go this weekend and things didn't look too good for the size of the vessel we have. Looks like we should have at least gone down to check it out.
Great job on the fish!
Great job out there...wish I could have fit it in my schedule. Next time. :smirk:
Tight lines.
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