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I am rarely impressed by fishing line, but I have to give out props to the copolymer gamatsu line. On a fluke I filled my curado with 14lb for kings. I have landed 19 fish (15-35lbs) on this filling with 0 breaks. It is a tough, low memory, and low stretch line. It will literally cast a mile, same lure on the same rod, standard curado with the gami and my bsf with maxima, The standard with the gami will consistently get 5-10 more ft.
As for a mid weekend report we went to the anchor last night for the midnight opener and were done in 45 minutes drifting eggs. My buddy kept one about 22 on the first cast, I released 2 dinks between 10-12 lbs and then I kept a bright hen around 20 (needed the eggs).
I'll be hitting somewhere again tonight.

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