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I was gator fishing with a friend Sat (2 nd)out of the fishery , was on the Wash. side anchord up with 300 feet of anchor line out was ther about 1/2 hr when I saw this boat had anchord right over my anchor line and they were less than 70 yds above me. I being Mr. nice guy I did not say a thing to them. They started fishing and it wasn't 10 min. till they were all hung up on my anchor line, I watched them for about 10 min trying to get un hooked ,no way could they pull my anchor line up to get un hooked. Well the fish were not being to copertive so I decided to pull anchor and move up river to a new spot. We got the anchor up and sure enuf there was there gear all tangled up on my anchor line, ( I have to admit after the anchor hit the bouy I pulled it up river quite a ways) The two guys did not say a word , but you should have seen the look on their faces when I took my knife and cut their lines. My partner cut all their gear from my anchor line , one had about a 32 oz sinker and the other one had 16 oz sinker so me being Mr. nice guy I motored back and came along side (about 5 feet away, didn't want to get to close cause the river was real bumppy, and didn't want to put a dent in my beutiful boat.) they had a plastic box in their boat so my partner heaved there gear into the box , how he got it in the box I will never know,luck I guess. Told them they should watch where they anchor next time , they both had red faces and said sorry. I almost busted a gut as we went on up river. Sure was fun watching them trying to get loose it was all I could do to not holler and ask them if they both had fish on :laugh:
Alls well that ends well.

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