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I was on South Jetty trying to catch some perch this weekend (7/12/03). To make one long story short, didn't catch anything. No nibbles.. zip ziltch.

The day started out bad because I didn't bring my rubber boots to sandshrimp and the water had come in a lot at the mouth of the Nec. river. I managed to pick up a few sandshrimp here and there. I also bought some at the local Texaco right off 101/26. They sold me 2 dozen for $3.99. The shrimp I bought were way too big. I like the small bright red/orange ones. The big ones tend to breakup and fall off the hook easier.

Headed to South Jetty at Ft. Stevens in Hammond. Got lost a couple times because this was the first time I drove there. I had good luck couple weeks ago catching 10 or so within the first couple hours. Today the conditions were horrible. The wind really picked up, going against the direction I had to cast. With the light rain, it made my day even worse.

Used pyramid 3 oz sinkers, lost 4-5 of them along with my size 1 and 4 hooks. Even though I casted far out, the wind and waves were pushing my line into the rocks. Maybe some heavier sinkers might have helped but I just considered it a bad day. Would just heavier sinkers helps? I only have 3, 2and 1 oz, never ever had to use heavier ones when doing perch.

I had a friend that went last weekend and he said caught a couple perch around the Ft. Stevens area, but not at South Jetty. I wonder where he went.. it was off a jetty or pier of some sort... no wadering. Anyone?

Anyways, happy fishing. Maybe next time.

Today I was out by Oxbow park, anyone have good success Salmon fishing on the Sandy?

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