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Front fuel tank for a Gregor sled.

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I bought an older Gregor sled last Spring that I have slowly been fixing up. The boat does not have a built-in fuel tank, and I use two six gallon portable containers which are placed on the back of the deck by the outboard.

The set-up doesn't work too bad, but when fighting a fish it would be good to not have the tanks there. Additionally, I have found out that my outboard pump is kinda thirsty, so there have been times when I have had to carry extra fuel in cannisters when running up the Santiam.

So, sorry for the long intro, but finally to my question: would it be feasible for me to mount a tank in my bow? In front of the bench seat there is a somewhat narrow covered space that I think would work well for this. Would this throw off the balance of the boat?

Anybody have any experience at this or have a recommendation for a place for me to buy a flexible type of tank that I could fit under my bow? I live in Salem - so closer is better.

Thanks in advance,

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What model of Gregor is it? I had a 16.6 foot R166 that I mounted a tank in the front of. The hard part was drilling through the deck to mount the filler cap. I put a 12 gallon tank from Cabella's up front and it worked great.
Good luck, Matt
had a mid seventies greagor sled. I mounted a low profile tank up in the bow. I took it out when I sold it. Did you get the greagor from stevens by any chance?
There is a posting in the classified section for an underfloor tank that someone removed from a sled. If memory serves, it is an older posting +/- page 6
Good luck,
Rubber boot:

Yes, I did get the boat from Stevens. You don't still have the tank and want to sell it? P.M. me if you are interested.

Sacfisher: I am not sure of the model number, but it is a 1976 16 and 1/2 foot Gregor sled. I was also thinking of drilling a hole in the front deck for the filler cap. How did you do it. Also, do you think a larger tank also would have worked?

I picked the 12 gallon just because of weight. Now I have a great story about spending the night on Lake Shasta because I didn't install a fuel gauge, but I should let my wife tell that one. Just measure the space you have and pick the max tank that will fit in there. Let me know if you need any help, now that I don't have my Gregor I have a ton of ideas for it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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