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Freelance Goose hunting Canda???

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I had a question about freelance goose hunting in Canada. I want to plan a trip for the first two weeks in September this year and head up there. Mya guy I know goes every year and says they never use guides but they know people from way back when...Is it possible to head up there and get permission to hunt land?? I've heard Saskat. is way better than Alberta for rights and access..In anyones experience is this true?? Ive been reading online about areas is Saskat. does anyone have any recommandations? Im not looking to get into anyones honey hole just any idea of where to head..Oh ya anyone interested in driving to Canada to goose hunt?? :cheers:
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How about an introduction and a little bit about yourself. An intro and a hunting story is kinda tradition here on Ifish.

" Shoot em with their feet down "
Eric Strand
hahaha I guess there are no more geese in Canada eh?? Sorry Im not new here in i-fish I just changed my username...Ive been hunting in Vancouver and surrounding area for the last couple years...moved out to Washington in 2005 from a small,one light town in the backwoods of Maine...Im a full time college student in the local area..when Im not in school or at work Im in the field...This whole Canada bug started while planning the early goose season here..my Dad lives in Baton Rouge and was going to come up here to hunt with me but we decided why hunt here when we could drive up to Canada and kill double the birds :dance:...My buddy is going on the 15th so we might try to coordinate with him...Well its not a good biography but its all I got...Nice pics Huntnfish
what was your name on ifish before? you said you just changed it. Canada takes alot more effort than just driving up, parking in a field with a few decoys and shooting "twice the birds". Good luck if you go. It's an amazing country!:cheers:
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