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Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Contact: Anne Pressentin Young (503) 872-5264 x5356
Internet: www.dfw.state.or.us Fax: (503) 872-5700

For Immediate Release Thursday, July 31, 2003

Fishing licenses not required Aug. 4-6
August hunters urged to buy big game tags before Aug. 4

PORTLAND - Fishing licenses and tags will not be required statewide for three days next week as the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife moves its computerized licensing system to a new location.

The statewide computer network that supports the sale of all licenses, tags and permits will not be available from 9 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 3, through Wednesday, Aug. 6.

During this time, anglers will not be required to have a license, combined harvest tag or hatchery harvest tag. Anglers with licenses and harvest tags should have them available for inspection, however, harvest tags need not be validated Aug. 4-6. In addition, Sauvie Island Wildlife Area parking permit requirements have been waived for the three days. All other regulations related to fishing seasons and angling gear restrictions remain in effect.

With the computer shut down, the following documents will not be available for purchase: recreational fishing and hunting licenses, angling harvest tags, big game tags, game bird validations, commercial fishing licenses, fish dealer licenses, fur taker licenses, permanent hunting and fishing licenses and permits, taxidermy permits, fish propagation permits, wildlife holding permits, fur dealer permits, Sauvie Island Wildlife Area parking permits and other licenses and permits usually available through ODFW offices or the 600 Point-of-Sale agents located throughout the state.

All hunters and non-sport fish license and permit holders must have the appropriate license, tag or permit with them when hunting or conducting business.

ODFW is moving its headquarters from downtown Portland to north Salem Aug. 15-17. To prepare for the move, the computer servers and mainframe computer will be shut down at 9 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 3, and trucked to the new location in Salem. ODFW's computer operations staff will set up the hardware and test the system Aug. 4-5. If everything goes smoothly, it is possible that some license sales could resume Wednesday, Aug. 6.

ODFW's headquarters building in Portland will have limited staffing with no telephone or computer services Friday, Aug. 15, to allow a moving company to pack the agency's furniture and truck it to the new location during the weekend. The headquarters will re-open for business Monday, Aug. 18, in a new location at 3406 Cherry Ave. N.E. in north Salem. The new phone number will be (503) 947-6000. ODFW will be open for business at 8 a.m., Aug. 18, but asks for patience while employees begin operations in the new location that first day. In addition, the agency is planning an open house for Thursday, Sept. 11.

The move was mandated by the 2001 Oregon Legislature, and is being paid for out of the proceeds from the sale of ODFW's Portland headquarters building.

Editor's Note: More information related to the agency move will be forthcoming in the near future. Information is posted on the ODFW Web page at www.dfw.state.or.us.


Information and Education Division
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
(503) 872-5264 ext 5528
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