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Well I don't mean to brag, but my old man might be the best coyote hunter in the world. :clap: He is a retired wildlife biologist and spends more time with a rifle in his hand than a fellow ought to be allowed. If any of you varmint hunters ever read the Go Go Varmint board he post under "Bill D".

The reason I am replying is that he is a Fox Pro Staffer, meaning they send him product to test and keep for free. :smile:
I have spent more than a few hours listening to animal distress calls. He had his own business under "Critter Calls" in the 80's and I believe he sold his sounds to Johnny Stewart. Although he was associated with a Bill Anderson, and I don't know if he is related to the Anderson mentioned in the sounds.

Anyway to make a long story short. I have had the good pleasure of varming hunting/trapping with this man for 30+ years. We have used mouth calls, cassette decks in a tackle box, etc, etc. So with all of this said, I think the Fox Pro is slicker than snot. The real beauty is in the digital sounds with a remote control. You can't beat silent switching of sounds or remote volume control. It is also a well built product that has held up to his "excessive hunting habits". Down side...expensive, but worth every penny.

I look at it like this. You have spent a lot of money on guns/amo, clothing, gas, time off...don't skimp on what might be the single most important factor in the equation.

Typical MO. Set up where you have some decent lines of sight with the wind in your favor. Plop the caller in a small tree or on the ground. Casually walk back 30-40 yards and conceal yourself in a prone position. Flip on the caller and get ready. No problem. :dance:

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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