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Fox Pro sounds.

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Do you guys that have Fox Pro electronic calls like them? What sounds do you use most. I went in and listened, some very familar sounds. I laughed when I heard the siren locator sound, I learned that back in high school while on a fire watch at night. We would sound the siren on the truck and every coyote in the country would sound off, a lot more than you would think. Don't know if I would use that though.

Mainly looking at predator sounds, coyotes, but a few bird sounds also to draw bobcats. Have to throw in a crow, in case I want to bust some flying rats.

Which model? Looking at the 416, but the new FX looks interesting too.
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I've got the FX3 and I think it's just about perfect. I owned another high dollar e-caller for a couple of years, and I would choose the FX3 over the other one any day.

The Fox Pro sounds are not consistently good, however, so there's some hitting and missing going on there. The siren, for example, is one I wouldn't waste my time with. It doesn't go up high enough, and I don't think the FX3 is really loud enough to get the reaction you're looking for. (I've got a real ambulance siren that is great for that, but it's heavy, and has the potential to generate some unwelcome attention.)

What I especially like about the FX3 is that it generates very good sound in a very small package, you can add or remove any sounds you want using the PC interface, and the remote works very well and has very good range.

I could PM you a list of the sounds I like, or I'd be happy to list them here if others are interested as well.

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Was that PM to me or to RA? If it was to me, it got lost somewhere. :shrug:

Rusty PM'd me, PM the sounds you like, I bet everybody has pet ones. :cheers:

The FX stores more sounds, but is that a big enough of a deal to spend the extra money? I think it has more options also, tell me why it is bette than say the 416.
I figured he probably did PM you, but I didn't want to leave him hanging if he was trying to contact me. :cheers:

I wouldn't want to talk you out of the 416 if that's what you want, but the self-programming feature of the FX3 is very, very nice. To get that with the 416 you have to spend another $50 or so for a programmer, and then you're not that far from the FX3.

I'll PM you a list of sounds when I get home. There are some you'll want to avoid due to poor quality.

Wait a minute guys, what's with all the pm stuff? Are we getting zipperlip with something as simple as coyote sounds?

There's probably quite a few of us who are interested in electronic callers and would like to hear what you have to say.

Don't deal us out! :shrug:

thanks I got my PM, it sounds good to me. :eek:
Not trying to be zipperlip. Just didn't know this would be interesting for the rest of the board since there wasn't much of a response.

I'll list all the sounds I've got in a new reply, with comments, as soon as I get home. :cheers:

Perfect, Ni, and thanks.

Due to popular demand :wink: here's a list of the Fox Pro Sounds I've got, along with recommendations of what to stay away from. (I'm including the Fox Pro number for each sound, because some of them have the same name. :shrug:

Prey Distress Sounds
I've put an asterisk (*) next to the sounds I don't think are good quality. The ones I <u>do</u> think are winners are highlighted in bold. (All the fawn sounds are good. I just liked the blacktail fawn the best.)
215 - Coyote & Fawn
227 - Red Fox Distress
233 - Jackrabbit Distress
237 - Cottontail Distress #1
238 - Cottontail Distress #2
243 - Chicken Distress
245 - Squirrel Distress
247 - Prairie Dog Distress
258 - Lost Sheep *
259 - Fawn Distress
290 - Lucky Bird (This is a woodpecker sound)
291 - Woodpecker Distress
297 - Turkey Distress
298 - Starling Distress
334 - Aggressive Jackrabbit
360 - Blacktail Doe Distress
361 - Blacktail Fawn Distress (This sounds like a very young fawn.)
r114 - Fawn Distress
r115 - Bird Distress

I used 286 and 287 on one of the first setups with this caller trying to call in a coyote. No coyotes, but I did call in a flock of turkeys. (Note: I know you can't hunt turkeys with electronic calls. Thanks for thinking about telling me anyway. :cheers:)
286 - Lost Turkey Hen
287 - Turkey Kee Kee
284 - Gobbles & Yelps
285 - Wild Turkey Hen

The Antler Rattling sounds a little too tinny for my ear. Too much clicking and not enough crashing.
201 - Antler Rattling *
203 - Doe Estrus Bleat
202 - Buck Grunts
204 - Tending Grunt
205 - Buck Snort/Wheeze

The sounds that start with the "r" come from Randy Anderson. They're all good quality, I just don't really get what he's doing with some of them.
216 - Coyote Pup Distress
r100 - Female Interrogation Howl
r101 - Male Interrogation Howl*
r102 - Domain Howl*
r103 - Coyote Serenade
r104 - Challenge Howl #1*
r105 - Challenge Howl #2*
r106 - Female Invitation Howl*
r107 - Female Whimpers
r108 - Coyote Distress
r109 - Coyote Pup Distress

261 and 402 have too much white noise to be effective, IMHO. I wish they had an elk calf distress sound.
261 - Elk Cow Chirps*
401 - Elk Estrus
402 - Elk Calf*

The lions all sound good. The cub purring has some birds in the background, but I don't think that's a problem. The aggressive bobcat sounds more like a leopard to me. :shrug:
206 - Siren*
230 - Bobcat in Heat
370 - Mt. Lion in Heat
371 - Mt. Lion Purring
372 - Mt. Lion Cub Begging
380 - Aggressive Bobcat*

I hope this helps. I haven't killed anything over it since I've only had it a couple of weeks, but I really think the FX3 is a very slick package. That's not to knock any other e-callers out there, but I'm very satisfied, and I've been disappointed with the two other e-callers I've owned.

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Good info, Ni. This is the first time I'm seen this kind of rating on e-sounds. That's a good way to do it. Thanks for taking the time. :cheers:

I've always been a mouth-call guy, but I have to admit that the guys who do a combination of mouth and electronic seem to have the best luck. I suppose one of these days I'll be springing for a new Foxpro or Preymaster.

Your list will help.

Well I don't mean to brag, but my old man might be the best coyote hunter in the world. :clap: He is a retired wildlife biologist and spends more time with a rifle in his hand than a fellow ought to be allowed. If any of you varmint hunters ever read the Go Go Varmint board he post under "Bill D".

The reason I am replying is that he is a Fox Pro Staffer, meaning they send him product to test and keep for free. :smile:
I have spent more than a few hours listening to animal distress calls. He had his own business under "Critter Calls" in the 80's and I believe he sold his sounds to Johnny Stewart. Although he was associated with a Bill Anderson, and I don't know if he is related to the Anderson mentioned in the sounds.

Anyway to make a long story short. I have had the good pleasure of varming hunting/trapping with this man for 30+ years. We have used mouth calls, cassette decks in a tackle box, etc, etc. So with all of this said, I think the Fox Pro is slicker than snot. The real beauty is in the digital sounds with a remote control. You can't beat silent switching of sounds or remote volume control. It is also a well built product that has held up to his "excessive hunting habits". Down side...expensive, but worth every penny.

I look at it like this. You have spent a lot of money on guns/amo, clothing, gas, time off...don't skimp on what might be the single most important factor in the equation.

Typical MO. Set up where you have some decent lines of sight with the wind in your favor. Plop the caller in a small tree or on the ground. Casually walk back 30-40 yards and conceal yourself in a prone position. Flip on the caller and get ready. No problem. :dance:

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Dragged out some old footage of coyote hunting. This was taken with an old beta cam, the size of a mailbox, so consider the source.

This is why you need to set up with your gun up on shooting sticks!

I'm right handed, look Mom, no gun!

Mr. Coyote trying to figure out that clunking sound and those two blobs on the edge of the road.

Didn't take him long, what would have been a perfect broadside shot, turned into a running away shot, whic was made, but a little messy.
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