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Last night around 5-6pm a car hit the west side (S. Santiam side) of Foster Dam and flipped over the east side (lake side) guard rails into Foster Lake. They recovered the car this morning. 2 passengers...1 made it out and was treated at the hospital...the other didn't make it and the body recovered today. Young men...don't know if they were drinking or not but my guess is that they were driving way too fast. I am a creel checker up there and so know the roads real well. The speed over the dam is 35mph and the road has a slow curve (not sharp) just before going over the dam. Please be careful out there! Especially with all the hard rain we've been having lately.

Fishing reports (just to keep this post fishing related)- Foster Lake (trout) is very slow. Not many caught and the few that have been caught have been by bank anglers not boats. I've checked about 5 stocked legals this past week (not very good). I've also seen about 6 steelhead smolt caught (they are legal to keep in the lake since they are considered trout). Oh, and just for my brother, there was one nice looking smallmouth bass caught. :smile:

S. Santiam River (from Guardrail to the dam)-pretty slow also. A few fish caught, but mostly natives. The water is really high and fast (and cold!). They are spilling water over the dam from the lake in preparation for the snow melt and also to help flush the smolts downriver. They should be starting to fill the lake for summer soon (not sure the exact date). I would expect that the fishing will really pick up once they stop spilling water and the river goes down.
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