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Ok, I'll help a brother out. This is how we did it back in 91' when the limit was 3 a day off the south side of the Fort Stevens Jetty. First of all, we used surf rods that were 12-14 feet long.
I like the Uglystick rod because the eyes are welded and last longer. I like the Daiwa 50h casting reel loaded with 40-50# test. Mostly because Jetty rocks will fray your line fast.

36" 20# test dropper to 8-12oz of lead going to a spreader. 3 way swivels will work also.

you also want to put a bead above your spreader on your mainline. I'll explain why later.

Now for your leader. The leader is in two parts.
Bye the way, you definitely need 50# test for you leader in my opinion. These fish are not leader shy. The first part of the leader, attach a 36" pc of leader to the spreader. Now you need a round cork with a hole in the middle. Slide it up the line. Now slide on a bead, then tie this end to a beadchain. Now slide the cork over the bead keeping it tight to the beadchain and plug the hole with the orange plug that comes with it on the opposite side of the beadchain. Now the cork can't slide over the beadchain. The great thing about this setup is that your lead won't tangle up with your leader because they are both set at the same length. The other function of the cork is to keep your bait off the bottom so the crabs can't get it. It also adds more action to your bait. :smile:

The second part of the leader is not as critical as the first part. Basically, I use a 30-36" non slipping 3/0-4/0 mooching rig 50# testand rig up whole anchovies and herring.

Once you have this part rigged up, you cast out as far as you can to aviod the rocks.

Now, it used to be you could fish up to 3 hooks per rod. Check the regs on this, but if you still can, we would tie up an 8' leader with a banana weight in the middle and a bobber on top with a clip and slide them down with an anchovie rigged up with one hook. That was legal in 91' but I don't know if it still is. When you hooked a fish on the bobber, you real in as fast as you can till the leader clip hits the first bead that you put on and set the hook!

I know this is a long winded explaination, but I hope this helps you try catching not only salmon but everything from lingcod to sharks. If you have any qustions you can pm me.

Good fishing. :cheers: Brent
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