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If any of you get a chance to fish with ifish Washington guide Bob Barthlow I am sure you won't be disappointed here is
Bob's web page
We fished that famous "zipperlip" Cowlitz and Bob got us into fish from the start! Then about noon time we beach the boat for one of Bob's famous BBQs.
I had a great time even if I did lose two fish :depressed: Thanks Bob and "baitboy" Timber Man for the fun day :cheers:

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I'll be up on the Cow Monday with a different guide but know Bob to be a great guide. Can't beat his lunches either. What I want to know is how does one get a "baitboy" job like Timber...I see him with an awful lot of fish out of Bob's boat. I guess he is busy baiting his own lines. :wink: Great job, great guide.
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