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Fishing this weekend

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I am looking to get out and use my downriggers a little but dont know where I should go. Can anyone tell me where I would have a good shot at some fish in the Bend area? I dont care what I am catching just want to try and get some fish.
Thanks, Cameron
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Hey Cameron- I would probably try East or Paulina for kokes, then put a big rapala on there and chase the big browns. :smash:
Not to hijack, but to continue this tread.....

Dad and I want to hit one of central Oregon lakes in September ('07). Is fishing still good in September? We are thinking Paulina, Odell, Crescent, or Wickiup. We would really like to camp near lakeside, and have the boat right at shore for the night ready to hit the water early in the morning.
I would pick Little Crater at Paulina or the main campground at Wickiup, you can pull your boat on shore behind your campsite either place. Sept and especially Oct can be outstanding for browns, but the best fall brown fishing is at East. :wink:shhhhh!
try the deschutes river off the bank. I go with my grandad and he usualy comes away with 4 trout every morning and i get one or two, decent sized too. go up towards lapine under a bridge, you can see at least 4 fish from the bank. cast out upriver and let it drift down using a worm.:yay:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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