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I spent a few days in Sun River and it was HOT HOT.
Met Fall River Guy and fished with him a couple days. What a neat guy and a heck of a fisherman.
We went to Cultus and tryed for some Macks but the fishing was the slowest I have seen it. Brian caught one with a tag in it. We didn't notice it until we were releasing it. Oh Well.
I hooked a very large one and as the rod was bent in half and the fish took off on a long run Brian said "I better get the larger net."
I have a rubber net I use for releasing fish and then I have a larger net for the big fish.
After 3 times of bringing it up and 3 times it ran, it came unbuttoned. Darn, Son, Of a Gun, Golly, Shucks, and a whole bunch of words were said.
We went to Odell Tues. because I had heard the fishing was HOT and the fish were 14" to 18". We got there at daylight and the fishing was anything but hot. I caught a fish and after a couple of hours Brian caught another. After changing lures several times Brian caught 5 fish in about 19 minuts and then nothing. It just stopped. About an hour later I got one more and that was the end of the day, about 1 pm. Odell
lake was really beautiful. Have to thank Brian
for the central Oregon hospitality.

ST and FRG

Largest 16"

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The pleasure was all mine getting to meet and fish with you Tom. We had some good fishing but poor catching. Thanks for showing me how to fish for Macs in my back yard. I look forward to having another go at those fish.

We will hook up again and fish for Kokanee. It was just an off day but we will get them next time.

Thanks for the ride in your new boat. That is one organized boat. It makes mine look like a pigpen.

I look forward to our next trip.
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