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Fishing on the Big Island Hawaii (Kona)

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Anyone had a good experience here (I'm on my Honeymoon) and would suggest a particular boat?
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Have fished out of there on two different occasions. Managed one AHI on one of the trips. And that was only after I asked if we could throw out a line for "bait". I wouldn't do anymore than a half day. The fishing seems spotty at best. But if you want a chance at BIG marlin then Kona is a good bet. I wouldn't recommend either of the two charters I used and unfortunately I can't remember their names. A buddy of mine that lives there set up the trip both times. It is beautiful water and great to look back at the island and see the volcano from out in the ocean. Good Luck.
Lived there for a couple of years. Can't recommend anyone as I went out on private boats. Do stop in at Huggo's on the water and have the prime rib appetizer and a drink while the sun goes down and eat at a Sam Choy's while there. The best part of Hawaii is the excellent food. Take a snorkel trip to Captain Cook you will be amazed at the clarity of the water and the abundance of fish. Be sure and relax.. The locals don't get in to big a hurry. This informations not what you were asking for but I hope it is useful and not annoying.
Sea Genie II, without a doubt is my first pick. Great skipper and has his game wrapped tight for the blue marlin! I've been there a few times and could give you some info. You have my number.

Kevin Hibbard, Marlin Parker, Gene Vanderhoek,and Kevin Nakamaru are the capts you WANT to fish with in Kona. Go with one of these guys and your set!!

Kona has a rep of producing a grander monthly. Fishing grounds are right outside the Honokohau marina. Very cool country!!

Make sure you stop by Meltons Tackle right outside of the marina next to the freeway.
Thanks Guys,

I found a guy with a small boat, but with top notch equ. May hook up with him as he's a local that just works to support his fishing habit. ;-)

TT, I'll give you a ring on 8/30 am. Much appreciate the info. My new in-law's wedding gift was the honeymoon which didn't leave any time to research fishing. Funny thing- years ago all I cared about (tattoo to prove it) was diving and now (next to my new wife) it's all fishing.... I am in deep with both. :)
BTW, I love the islands now- even the little grocery stores have tackle... :meme:
When are you and your crazy band of brothers going to be in Westport again?

Good luck in Kona fishing. When in Kona the fishing is about quality not quanitity. This is the perfect time to be there.

I fished on the Catchem 1. Had a nice boat ride. Fished on the Silky Jr. and caught 2 ahi. They have a local fishing newspaper like our Fishing and Hunting News. Go up to Longs and you should be able to pick up a copy there. The current issue will list all of last months reported catches that were turned in to them They also list the boat and captain.

If you want to catch only marlin let them know. If you want to catch anything let them know that also.

We're headed over in the morning. We generally watch the sunset from Lulu's. If you like local food try Super J's down near Captain Cook. Its right on the hwy so you can't miss it. Also the Big Island Grill in Kailua has good food also, huge portions. Hilo Farmers Market is worth going to.


Ah, I had great aspirations of tacking everything down, but got a hot tip on a secluded beach and hit that today.

TT, we are all dorked up for the rest of the season due to Tim moving back to CO. Next year will be my year with a new boat and crazy bro's will be back in action. I'll stay in touch over the winter.

OK, back to fish'n HI style- TT I'll call you tomorrow and thanks for the tip Bob and every other Salty Dog.

Update this later as things progress.
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