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Dave G. Now there's some creative thinking. For steelhead in the CR I and many bankies run a spinnglo and then send a U-20 flatfish down the line as a slider to a bead and swivel a couple of feet above the spinnglo. Steelie might take either. Why not do the same with double K-15s? The problem might be length of leader and length of spacer and length of net. If you have a 5x5 set up at number 1 Kwikfish, you could not put a 5 ft spacer between the main line and the #1 leader, because you'd have 10 feet of line+ leader between your bead and swivel, so you wouldn't very well be able to reel the fish close enough to net it, at least by yourself. Maybe shorter leaders and spacers would work. You've got me thinking. I like the idea. Or how about a K-lure or Alvin and a kwikfish combo?? Give those fish some variety!! Let us know what you come up with and how it works.

I have seen this done on the Columbia below Willow Grove. I still think it is more trouble than it is worth and would be interested in knowing how many are caught on the top rig.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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