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Fishin\' above JD dam today...... report

Greeting from the Mid-Columbia...

With the counts comin' over the dam (2300+ two days ago), we expected to do well this morning. :rolleyes:

We pulled Magwarts and Kwickies, wrapped, unwrapped, pretty much threw the tackle box at 'em. Nothing.... Not a bite all day. Unless one "northern pike minnow" counts. NOT. :tongue:

As they say, the Fishin' was great, the Catchin'however, Not so good..... And the thing that surprised me was, we didn't mark many fish. Should have marked alot more. I'm wonderin' if the counters at the dam made a mistake with a decimal point a few days ago. Maybe it was really 23.57, instead of 2,357 springers.... :grin:

The weather was great and we had fun, but..... it sure would have been nice to get a bite!

I did see about a dozen boats below the dam on the way home. Anybody do any good there?

Thanks.... Tim :smile:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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