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Oversize fishing has seemed to be a bit slow but is still good. I think that there is so many shad for them to eat that they don't want one with a hook in it quite as bad. We had over 20 hits, had 5 peeling line, hooked 4, and landed three. It was an eventfull day but they don't seem to want the bait as bad as when the shad first get here. The one that got off (broke off) was over 12 feet, probably closer to 14. It jumped clear out of the water right after being hooked. With that jump I think that it could have dunked on a ten foot hoop, if it had a baketball in it's mouth and the hoop was rated for 600 pounds.
We were fishing down from the fishery on the Oregon side of the channel. There were about a dozen boats in our vacinity and none of them drifted back with a fish. I wonder what these people are doing wrong. We saw maybe 5 other people drifting toatal, and they all came from around the boat ramp.
I saw ifish stickers on some of the boats but never did go and say hi like I should have. I even talked to a couple at the boat ramp with stickers. Who was that? We were in a 23 foot glass Blue Water.
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