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A couple days ago while fishing in Astoria we had a great morning and by one o'clock we had one fish to go for a limit. Steve's rod folds over, FISH ON!

But all of a sudden the line started smoking off the reel. Fast enough that I started to think it was a little more than a salmon.

Sure enough, about 100 yards off, up pops a seal with Steve's fish in it's mouth.

Good thing it was only a harbor seal. His chinook was half as big as the seal.

For at least 15 minutes we chased that thing around and around. I tried to keep on top of him so he couldn't come up for air. That was a chore since it was a bit choppy out there.

He came up for air about five times. Each time we were able to get a little closeer so I knew we had a chance.

Sure enough, he finally came up right off my bow and he dropped the fish!

After a couple attempts with the net and nearly running over the fish we finally got it in the net and over the side with the seal only a few feet away!

Steve with his hard won Chinook
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