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Well I guess it's time to get my fish story in. I've been a member for some time now, but would like to start speaking with the rest of you, so here it goes.
I've lived and fished here(Sandy)all my life. My brother and best frend and I used to ride our bikes to the Barton bridge and fish steelhead on the Claskamas R. when we were 12 or so. We would bring sleeping bags and spend the night there and fish morning to dark. On my second trip down I caught a nice 12# Steelie, and I was hooked for life. We made many trips down there on our bikes and road up the hill out of the river canyon with fish many times.
My first Springer trip was with my dad and his neighbor. I caught (3) that day (which at the time was a legal limit)and knowone else caught a thing. In fact I always caught all the fish, to the point that the neighbor stopped asking me to go along.
When we were old enough to drive I had a Chev. Blazer. We used to load a 14' Valco in the back and fish the Milwaukie area. I used to back down the ramp till my back tires hit the water and then slam on the brakes so the boat would come flying out the back into the water and off we would go.
My love for fishing just keeps growing. Over the years I have met many, many great people and made alot of friends. Some I only see on the river, but we are all bound by a common goal.......fishing.
I own a white GlasPly with a hardtop, stop by and say hello if you see me on the river.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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