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Fish on!

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Today I finally got some nookie blood in my boat. Elwix, a friend from work and I were at the fence at Woodland. Had a few drive bys early and had one on that was huge. Never saw it, got off at the boat. Then later in the afternoon my rod hits the water and fish on. This one goes on ice. Nice little hen URB. :dance: Still have a smile on my face. Will be there again tomorrow with Elwix. 19 Smoker ospry with Ifish stickers.
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Nice, Good work.
Hey by the way how do you like that Osprey they look preaty nice.
Fire :cheers:
I like it a lot! It's wide and very stable. 115 HP seems perfect. Fishes three just fine. (19') I think four would be too much.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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