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Fish finders

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got the new boat!!! now need a new fish finder!

Searching the archives I have seen a number of people were just buying or considering the Fishmark 320. Was wondering of any owners how satisfied they have been with this unit.

Certainly open to any other suggestions or advice on finders!

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I have the lowrance LMS-320 DF.. Basically the exact same as the eagle 320.. and I FREAKING LOVE IT!!

Works well.. Will track bottom going 20mph across the water.

check out the lowrance x67c it's color, has great pixle to size raito and is priced correct.
Read as much as you can about every F/F you can, then just look around, most on the market F/F's well work in most situations. the color ones are nice but cost alot more then the B/W. heres a link that is great reading...http://www.lowrance.com/Tutorials/Sonar/sonar_tutorial_08.asp
You get what you pay for.

If you are just looking for depth( not fish), the cheaper units should do fine. You may need to tweek it in saltwater to see well.

If you are wanting to see a baitball or other small feed, then spend as much as you can afford.

I got a cheapie now. In saltwater( when I want to see bait) I may want to upgrade. then again, I could always just look for birds.

Mark and the 320 pixel dog.
I got the FishMark 320......of course, my boat hasn't shown up yet to install it on!!

Listen to fish-on. I just picked up a couple of the new lowrance x67's. Very nice color units and reasonably priced. The color detail outweighs the small screen size. Very impressed so far.
Thanks for the feedback. Looks like my boat partner made the decision for me. Now the proud owners of a bouncing baby Garmin 168 GPS Sounder.

Can't wait to put it in the water and try it out. Testing it in the driveway is just not the same.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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