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Ain't much of a storyteller, but let me tell ya a thing...
I hunt, I fish and I work in between. I drive Fords and my boat moters are not Asian.
I target salmon sometimes steelhead cause trout are too small. I prefer bait to spinners and plugs but will use what I need to.
I hunt elk, bear, deer, geese, duck, pheasant and turkey. I display these trophies in my animal parts room.
My 7 year old grandson likes to fish, (we'll be shaddin' in a couple weeks). He was with me when we bagged a turkey this year, (pictures in a few days).
I love my mom and her pot roast dinners with cherry pie.
Camo is my favorite color.
Pink is my favorite flavor.
Football rules...
June 9 is "The Warriors" designated holiday.
I drink beer, but like whiskey and gin.
I don't "chat" so I'll never click on that thread.
My industries jobs are going overseas...
I'm a vet and I fly the flag at my house.

ENOUGH! I'm going fishin' tomorrow

ps: don't "welcome aboard" me, just send mojo

......tramps like us.....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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