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Well, after a loooong time lurking, I finally decided to sign up. This site has provided me with a lot of valuable information over the years. I hope I can return the favor and offer some insight and info to others.

I may as well use a Wilson River report from Friday as my first story as it was a very good day on the river.

As is customary every year, I took my birthday off on Friday (10/24) and hit the river with a buddy. The river was at about 3.8 and dropping after the decent rains of last week. After much consideration, (and being bank bound) we figured the rains moved some fresh fish in so we stuck to the lower river. We mostly drift fished, but threw some spinners and bobbers too.

Our first fish came at about 10:30 am, a nice hen about 25 pounds full of nice tight eggs. I hooked and landed the second fish at about 1 pm. It turned out to be a nice bright buck that weighed 31 pounds on the Guideshop Scale at the end of the day. By the way, this buck literally swallowed my gob of Amerman's eggs. I had to cut the leader because the hook was so deep. If I figure out how to upload pictures, I'll post it here (no promises!). My buddy also landed and released a big hen later in the day, as well as a beautiful chrome native silver. We also lost several other fish throughout the day.

So, I have a freezer full of salmon, three quarts of beautiful eggs cured up, and sore arms. Some days are goooood! :grin:

As a side note, there were a lot of fish moving through. We saw several pods of what we thought to be silvers shooting through, as well as decent schools of bright chinook holding in the deeper water. All of our fish were caught at the head of pools, or at least in the faster moving water. When we fished where we could see rolling fish, we got nothing. There are definitely fish to be caught.
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