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Have a 16th birthday for the middle daughtor comming up and I messed up. ( Bad Dad :smash:)I forgot to buy and save a few fireworks for her birthday. Anybody have any large fountians that they would be willing to part with. :bowdown: I will trade my cured eggs or some Fishbaits Magic Egg Cure fall or springer or will pay cash. Have fresh frozen chinook or silver also. Would like to have about half a dozen large fountains. Must be legal in Oregon unfortunately.

Bottom line, you come up with 6-8 large fountains and I will give you free access to both my freezers and my cure closet, you choose what you want, limited to fair trade quantities. :cheers:

email to [email protected] or Ifish mortgage link at the top of most pages. Thanks
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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