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Two weekends ago 5/10/03 Oregon Fish and Game, along with The State Police, with viedo from the railroad tracks on west side issued $15000.00 in fines for the takeing of native spring salmon, fishing with out a liceans,tag,over limits,dope smoking minnor with open contaners,ect,ect,ect.
I was on the west side of river just down from the Big Eddie hole, there was some upset people over there, thay should of taken there auto and made them walk home where ever that is.
I talked to the Fish and Game officer and he said if you turn in a pocher they well send you a check in the amount of 1000.00, apon convection.
From what I have herd this weekend the State Police well again film the whole works down there only from the east side up on top of the mountain, POCHERS BEWARE. Mr. A
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