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I had a fantastic day and I wanted to let all of the other ifishers to hear the news!
I finally caught a Springer! (one that is fin clipped that is)
Pete was kind enough to take me out even though I have not been living up to my moniker. Brave man.
The morning started out wonderfully. Fog was hanging over the river as blue sky tried desperatly to push aside the low hanging clouds. The sun prevailed today and during the transition my Skipper for the day had a monstrous bite. Pete wrestled with his fish admirably before it spit the hook with a decisive thrust of its tail. It was a slab. Before it departed, it pulled line off of the real like a freight-train headed down hill. The rest of the day was spent refreshing bait and all of the nuances that come with trying to figure out what Sammy is going to bite into today.
I was lucky enough to receive a tour of a plethera of locations. Pete is a great conversationalist and it was liberating to finally put a picture to all of the locations up and down the Willy and CR that I have heard about. We stuck with what we had been using most of the day. Our perseverance paid off with an active Spring Chinook. Light flashed brilliantly off of its sides as it thrashed in the murky water about 30 ft. from the boat. Pete coached me through the process of bringing the prize to the boat.
That reminiscent sensation of adrenalin coarsing through my viens was a welcome relief to my dry spell. I had finally caught a keeper Chinook. Yeehaw! All and all, it was a splendid day out on the river(s). Pete truly gave me a tour of hog heaven and I hope I can repay him in the future by netting a behemoth of a gilled one in the future. Thank you for a day to remember, Pete. Luke

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That's awesome!

You hooked up with one of the best, for finding fish!

Plus, every time I go with him, I learn something historical about the area.

Pete is awesome!

Thanks for sharing the story. At least he can get YOU into a fish!

I seem to put a chill on the whole river when I'm out, lately! :smile:

Pete? Me next? :smile:

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