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Kinelaw Bitaw!
I know this is a dated thread but like Rip van Winkle, still very valuable thread to share.
Mind you that RP has over 7,000 islands, depending on low-high tide, many dialects, cultures and cuisines.
What 40Winks layed out here is a very nearly the typical Visayan Kinilaw.
The Visayas are those islands in the South, Central part of the RP @ Cebu City. Where Cebuano is actually the largest mother tongue in the entire country.
Anyway, two key ingredients to the success of this recipe that distinguish it from ceviche, is not rice vinegar, but rather coconut vinegar and ginger. The Datu Puti shown in the pic is coconut vinegar, known as "suka". In the Visayas, what coconut wine = "Tuba" in either form: "bago" = young and sweet; or "bahal" = old and tangy) that is not drunk (great stuff!) is then used for cooking vinegar. It is flavored with "tungod" powder, which comes from the bark of the mangrove tree, turning it from white, to red and adds a certain bitter that complements the ginger.... for true Visayan Kinilaw.
Unfortunately, we can't get tuba here, and have to try and stash it in our bags and hope it doesn't explode in the cargo on the way home! But at least we can get the plain white, which is the next best thing.....Mmmmmmm!
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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