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1, 2016


My cancer biopsy was NEGATIVE!!!


Thank you, God and everyone who prayed and sent good thoughts! I love

Head Cloud Eye Plant Human body
1, 2016

Happy February! Maybe I wasn't the first
one to tell you, but I did make it within the time frame of early! Good
morning, everyone! Tis nearer Spring than yesterday, for sure!

I have never been so excited for Spring. For some reason, I didn't think
I'd be here, this Spring, but I'm getting to be a believer! I may make

Even as this biopsy result looms over my head! I have hope!

A long time ago, while my then husband and I were going through marriage
troubles, we went to a counselor to try to save us.

This counselor had a chart on the wall with numbers 1-1-100. He asked
us to place our finger at the number we expect to live until. I placed
mine on 55. He told us that it turns out to be very accurate. The more
I think about that, how did he know that? Had there been time for someone
to study the results, somehow? Or was he a quack? LOL.

So, it's been stuck in my head that 55 may be my end date. But, come
on! How would he know that? At the time, I felt it was better than the
date my doctors stuck in my head. Telling me as a youngster that I would
only live to 35 or so. Both of these opinions! Quackery! They do not

I will simply live until I don't.

Even as I wait this morning for my biopsy results, I am not giving either
of these opinions much weight, if any.

Last night, I stayed up way too late, knowing I shouldn't, but reading
the internets about TNBC, (Triple Negative Breast Cancer) and Micro-Calcifications.
Those micro things are the things they found during my mammogram.

I read one report that said that Micro-Calcifications aren't usually
a predictor of TNBC returns, but then the next article was a series
of fateful stories from women who received really awful news after finding
micro-calcifications on their mammos, and ... well... you probably know
the rest of that story.

After I read those, it was after midnight. I turned off my light, and
fell asleep with the aid of a sleeping pill. Sleep did not come easy
to me, but after I did fall asleep, I stayed that way, exhausted after
a day of fishing with Bill.

Here I am, this morning, haven woken at 7 or so. I'm wondering, do I
call the office and ask for the results, or wait that fateful call?
I'm scared to death for that phone to ring.

At the appointment, I asked the nurse, "so, when they call, what
are the words they'll use, if they tell me it's cancer?" Oh, come
on, Jennie. What a weird question! But, I wanted to prepare myself,
or something.

Oh, what a lot of worry I'm putting into this for no reason! I mean,
it is what it is
, and I can do nothing about it, either way!

Many of you won't know what I'm talking about, when I talk about the
blue sky days of winter. That powdery blue, cold winter sky that always
made me think of Steelhead fishing, until my aortic surgery.

There was a day during recovery from that, when I wanted so badly to
go out and see the sunshine. I was in my wheelchair, alone at home,
and tried to get out the door to feel the sunshine. I got stuck between
the door jam and the rug that sits beyond it, and couldn't move for
hours, until someone came home to help me. It changed the way I felt
about that cold, powdery blue sky for years. Five years, probably, before
I could look up into that sky and again think steelhead, instead of
heart surgery and helplessness.

You know, though, when I left the biopsy, the nurse said to me, "Well,
it's out of your hands, now. It is what it is. There is nothing you
can do to change the results, so just live and love."

OK. I can do that.

This morning is another one of those powder blue winter skies.

I am not as much afraid of my biopsy results, as I am, losing the joy
associated with winter blue skies.

Today is the day.

Head Cloud Eye Plant Human body
7, 2016

I had a fishing party at the coast for a week, and I'm
refreshed and ready for the Pacific
Northwest Sportsmen's Show!

Are you going? I think I used to put up a thread on the board,
about who is going and what booth they'll be in. It was the only time
I'd allow contact information for non sponsors. I think I'll do that,
again. I'll post the link here, when I do it! It's just so fun for our
community to meet our fellow ifishers in real life!

Oh! If you CLICK
, you can download a discount coupon for the show.

The exhibitor
list is here
, and you will note that Rapala
USA is in booth 117
, so if you need to pick up your Kwikfish,
that's where I'll be. I'll only be there in daylight hours, and perhaps
not all of them. I hope I get to meet everyone, though! Try to stop
by in the daytime, OK?!

It will be fun to be in that booth will all of the big guys like Fisherman's
Marine! I've always been way over in the far building. But this year?
I get to play with the big guys!!! LOL.
Be still my wallet!
I've just had more fun, this week.

I've fished and fished and fished. I've fished with jigs. I've fished
in high water, plunking with Bill, and Willie and Revvie and I have
walked the river bank, searching for agates.

I don't know what the deal is, but I haven't found any awesome agates
in a while. I find them, and they are just OK. Have I strip mined my
river bank? No way! I couldn't have!

Willie, however, is ready to go back to the city. He is so funny! He
loves my son David so much!

Last night we were out on our final walkie of the day. It's actually
at dark, and we both had our flashlights. We were clear at the other
end of the meadow. I was tired, so I took my chair off my back, and
sat down. You can get these portable chairs at Amazon. I love mine!!
I can even put them in the riffles to fish with, when I get tired of

Anyhow... I began to talk to Willie about going home, today. I said,
"Tomorrow morning, we will go back to Oregon City."

Willie listens to me when I talk. He's the strangest, that way. He will
look right into my eyes and you can see that he's trying to figure out

(*keywords he knows)

"We will take a *longgggg car ride, and then go to the *puppy park
and to see *Sargie the*kitty, and maybe *Tammy will come over! *Jasper
will be there... But, most of all, you'll get to see *David!

Oh, my. That did our normally very barn sour springer spaniel took off
for the house. He didn't walk. He didn't run. He just trotted, right
back to the house! I couldn't keep up with him, so I casually folded
up my stool, and there, standing in the dark of night, all alone, I
began walking to the house. (It's scary out there, alone!)

When I got to the garage, there was Willie, sitting at attention by
the rear car door, where he gets in.

He wanted to go see David more than anything in the world!

Can you imagine a dog that gets to run on the river bank all day, swim
in the water, chase ducks, dig in the sand, and bark at fishing boats...
want to go to Oregon City!?!

I have one! I do!

And all flattery aside to my son, David... I mean, I love him. I miss
him, but... I'd rather stay and go fishing!

I think what we need to do is to get David to move here to Tillamook.
Don't you?

Head Cloud Eye Plant Human body
10, 2016

Just so you know, I'm up early for the show, and will be there today open till about 3ish or so. I won't be there, tomorrow. Thursday, the same. Open till 2ish or 3. In fact, every day except tomorrow and Sunday I'll be there, open till 3ish.

Sundays are usually very slow, so I probably won't go.

I'll update the thread with this information. See you there! I can't wait!

Head Cloud Eye Plant Human body
12, 2016

Ifish.net has been the perfect job for me.

The Sportsman Show is a bit more difficult, these days, but the web site, the community support, working at home when I could and not working when I couldn't... perfect! Thank you, Lord!

I just woke up grateful for ifish. That's all.

People visit me at the sportsman show and I appreciate all of my friends who do, so much!

It makes me realize, though, that there is no way I could have ever done a 9 to 5 regular job, and now? Even with skipping yesterday? It's still not easy for me!

When I was a punk kid at 21 or so, I did work a 9 to 5 job. I always wondered why I was more tired than others, but I was raised to believe I was like any other able bodied person, so I just did what was expected, or... I gave it my darnedest!

I felt like a failure a lot, because
as I worked alongside my fellow mates the same age, I couldn't understand why I didn't feel as peppy before the end of the day. You know, it was the same when I was a kid. No one told me I was different in any way, except for my eye sight, so why couldn't I make it with my brothers and sisters when they biked to the Canby Ferry?

I'm actually grateful that my parents didn't let on there was something wrong, as it pushed me to be the best that I could be, but all the same, it was difficult at times!

It was good for my self esteem, but bad, all at the same time!

I spent six hours at the show on Wednesday, and yesterday I spent all day in bed, recovering. I set the alarm for 6 this morning, and zzzz... Can I do this, again? YES! I will! I'm getting ready to go, but geezzzz... my body is saying different!

Bill called to check on me last evening, and I was just totally spent. He sounded tired and worn out, too. He is nearly 20 years my senior, but oddly enough, we are the same age, physically! He asked, "So, you are tired, even from just sitting there all day?"

It isn't sitting, really. It's bending over to grab kwikfish, walking around the table to hug people or shake hands, or say hi to little ones. It's socially tiring, maybe? But, mostly, the answer is just "yes". Some how, some way, it is tiring on me!

So, it all adds up to being thankful for all of the days of the year that I get to sit in my little comfy office chair, and work on ifish.net. For being able to go rest when I wanted, or to go out and cast a line.

Lately, my hemorrhaged eye has been hurting, and yesterday David looked at me in horror and said, "Mom! Your eye is bleeding!" Horrors of all memories, my hand flew up to my eye. "What!?" I stood up and walked over to have him look. "Oh, I guess not, but it's all red." Sigh. What a relief. Bad memories, be still!

Life has been so busy, lately. I missed my eye doctor appointment, and can't see him for another two weeks. I sure hope my eye pressure isn't up, and something awful happens, again. Humpty Dumpty needs to stay together. I can't go until they have another opening. It is what it is, and when your eye pressure is high, you can't tell unless you have a doc check it.
I pray.

Last night, I was watching Grey's Anatomy and I had a little freak out session. I mean, that show was intense for me! I don't think I've ever watched something that moved me to tears and bad memories, like that one did. I was extremely tense, as I watched all the doctors and nurses hover over the main character, while they shoved a tube into her side to release the pressure from a collapsed lung. Oh, my! It took me back to when that happened to me. I was wide awake, and they couldn't find a hose that was small, so they used the only one they had. Some great big one. No anesthesia... they just cut me open and shoved a tube in my side. OUCH. No kidding ouch!
Like her, I couldn't talk, I just screamed. I couldn't hear, really, either. It was so intense! I guess my collapsed lung was pushing my heart over, and they were saving my life. Later in the show, while I was still tensing all my muscles, she cried. Likewise, I cried! I feel you, Meredith Grey!

Just then, David walked in and rescued me from my tizzy. Whew! Reality came back to me, and I was OK, again. I'm so glad that the rest of the show lightened up a bit. Whewy! Memories, stay where you belong!

Awe, Geez. I need to get in the shower and get going... I think by writing this morning, I'm pretending I have nowhere to go. Nothing to do, today, but work on the computer...

I have been soooo lucky in my life to have ifish. I'm grateful, and it is now time to go thank those folks for making it so.

And don't get me wrong. I do enjoy the show, once there! I'll be there today and tomorrow, from open till early afternoon. I can't wait to see all the members! I think my face muscles are a bit sore from smiling.

I hope to see you at the show!

Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art
Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art
Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love. That's what God loves. Love on another. Pretty simple, huh?

It's so wonderful to have a special day just for love.

In my opinion, love is making another being (I have to include my pets) feel comfortable and cared for. I can do this day! I love this day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

All week, I have been running back and forth to the Sportmen's show. It's been stressful for me, as I don't much like driving that side of town, as I don't know it well. Not only that, but when I input it in Google maps, it takes me a different way, each time! I suppose it is according to traffic, as I have Google Maps set to "fastest route". Oh, how i wish there were a setting for "dummies who like to go the same way without heavy traffic!" That would be my preference, and especially, on Valentine's Day. Love me! Make this easy and comfortable for me!!!

I was also surprised at my lack of endurance for things like the show. It is what it is, though.

I'm not going to the show today, as I'm showing those around me that I love them. That's important to me. I didn't realize it, but my dog is mad at me. I have not made him comfortable all week long. David pointed this out to me, last night as we were cuddling Willie. Willie was being so needy last night, and David called it. It's because I broke his routine, all week long!

Dogs love routine, just as children do. They thrive on it, and do so much better, with a routine.

I remember back when my kids were little, and I was told or read somewhere that small children do better with routine, and especially a bedtime routine.

Leave it to my doting (then) husband and I to create an hour long routine before bedtime. It wasn't just a routine, but a rouuuuuutinnnnnne.

We wayyyy over did it! It started with bath time, then brush teeth time, then story time, then kiss every-single-gosh-darned teddy bear good night, and out to the kitchen to kiss all the pictures on the fridge goodnight, and don't forget to kiss the kite, too. The kite hung on the wall, and was named "Kitey-Ighty". Of course.

Oh brother, it took forever! I found that after all of that, I was near to sleep and the kids were wound up further and further!

So, what do you do when the routines can't be followed? Life is ever changing. What about vacation time, or when you have visitors? It really created a problem! I think teaching your children to be flexible is almost more important!

If we were going to have a routine, we should have adopted the KISS principal!

And I repeat my errors and now have a long routine with my dog.

Every morning I get up, have coffee and try to get most of my ifish work done. Then, it's off with Willie to go out and have potty time and a bit of play time.

It's then inside for me to get dressed and ready for the puppy park, or a walk around the neighborhood. (Oh, boy! I get a choice!)

David, then, takes the afternoon shift.

Can you believe there are some animal owners that just get up and go to work? These are called smart people. They leave their dog at home, and they are happy!

This week with the show going on, I watched with varying degrees of unease, as Willie wilted, watching me leaving for the show. I crushed his routine, and thus, his spirit.

No walkie? No play time?

I'd close the door to a
dog with ears drooped. He'd get lower and lower to the floor, until I closed the door to a sad rug-dog. Oh, was he pitiful!

Not today! Today is happy Valentine's Dog day!

I struggled with whether or not to go to the show, today. I'll miss bringing chocolate kisses to the show, like I normally do. It's so fun to hand those out on Valentine's Day!

But, today, I've chosen my family. I'll miss Bill so much, (He just called to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day! How sweet!) but I'll celebrate Valentine's Day with him, when I go back to the coast in a couple days. ( Hey, Willie! Want to go to the river!?!) Wheee!

Today is a day for Willie, for David, my son, and for love.

Late last night it hit me! I realized why I wasn't bothered by David and Jasper, our roommate, talking and joking at 2 in the morning. Although they woke me up, I listened, and they sounded just like brothers! It made me happy for David to have the company, and their laughter and chatter was soothing to me. It sounded so much like Andrew and David used to sound. They'd stay up so late when they were in their older teens, and it brought back such comforting memories. But, instead of shouting down to them as I used to back in the days of Tillamook, I slumbered off to sleep, listening... relaxed...

It's the same way that I am still comforted by the sound of a dishwasher at bedtime. My Mom used to run the dishwasher each night, as I snuggled in my little bed, as a child. I'll forever love that sound!

Yesterday I came home and peeked into David's room, and it hit me! I know why God took much of the detail out of my eyesight! It is a Valentine's present from God! I used to walk into David's room and often times, I'd throw a fit!
Back then, I saw much more detail, and that detail consisted of a glimpse of a month old burrito under his bed, or a smoothie glass that had gone unwashed for days. (Oh, yuck! Try to clean those!)

Now, I just don't see them! Ha! Happy Valentine's Day, David! God loves peace and God loves love! With my new eyesight, I demonstrate both, much better!

My advice to new parents would be to wear glasses that are the wrong prescription. See a little less of the problems, and a little more of what you love.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! The week is over. The show is over. I made it! And today I wish you all a comfortable routine, and that you feel loved and cared for!

Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art
Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art
Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art

17, 2016

Today, the date is officially purple! Doesn't it
seem like a purple day? I think so.

I am absolutely basking in the symphony of song birds, the tepid,
wet air and the beautiful green shoots bursting out of the ground.
Daffodils spill out onto the ground from my neighbors hedge! Lovely
yellow blossoms, too heavy for their stems! I love it! Oh... It's
good. It's more than good! It's great!

I don't know why, but I had doubts that I would be here this Spring!
That is a good thing to live through what I thought might be my
last winter!

I am forever busy, busy, busy, trying to keep up with this and
that. The Official
Annual Springer contest
is up!

I'm getting ready for mail order Kwikfish, and let me tell you,
I'm more than nervous about that. We may not even have any. I
will make it so there is some. I MUST! There was an error that
was out of anyone's control, but I am working on a fix, somehow!
Please, Lord! Clone the Kwiks! We need MORE!

It was an odd year. The winner won, but then people started to
talk the winning design down. But, then when it was produced,
it was BEAUTIFUL and everyone wanted one, after I had begged and
pleaded to reduce my order! YOU GUYS! LOL.

But, during show week there were even more problems. So... It
is what it is. Shoot me.

Every spring time, EE Cummings comes back to me.

i thank You God for most this amazing

day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees

and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything

which is natural which is infinite which is yesssss

Oh, that's so perfect for today!

I'm going out to search for those tiny purple flowers that the
date is colored after. :) I doubt they are here, yet, but I have
to check! Just like I checked for any sign of my asparagus peeking
out of the earth! Yes. My plant probably gives me five or six
shoots a year, but I love it so much, and I thank you God for
the leaping greenly spirit of it!

17, 2016

Forehead Glasses Smile Chin Vision care


Funeral services will be held for Richard J. Riley on Saturday,
Feb. 20, 2016 at 11 a.m. at Waud's Funeral Home.

Richard was born July 11, 1940 in Kansas City, Missouri to Bernard
and Bette (Greene) Riley and passed away Feb. 15, 2016 in Rockaway
Beach, Oregon at the age of 75.

It is with such a sad heart that I tell you that
Bill and I have lost a wonderful friend, and the local salmon
and steelhead population are a bit more safe, now.

Bill's best friend here locally in Tillamook, and someone I incredibly
admire has passed on.

This morning we are going to Rich
Riley's service

I can't even believe it. Last I saw him, just a month ago before
he left for Hawaii, he was strong. Or... so I thought? He always
came off as being strong and so caring of others. Never putting
the burden of his illness upon any other. I really loved that
man! Please say prayers for his wife, Myrna, and his family who
will miss him, terribly.

There are so many stories of how much people loved him on Facebook,
on Myrnas page.

OK. Moving on.... :(

This morning I put up the Krawn Kwikfish mail order list, if you'd
like to participate. It
is here,
pinned to the top of the ifish community
I hope you have a wonderful day. The sun is shining brightly,
and I can hear Rich's laughter in my head. Such a kind and beautiful

23, 2016

Happy Birthday to meeeeeee....

I nearly missed my own Birthday! Now, that's just wrong!

For some reason, I thought it was tomorrow. I think what happened is that way back when, I looked at the calendar wrong, when planning my sisters and my annual Birthday breakfast. I chose Wednesday, as our breakfast spot is closed on Tuesdays. Therefore, in my addled brain, my Birthday became on Wednesday, also. :) See how that works? I make sense! I just don't make the right sense! I suffer from parapraxis! That's the word of the day, today at Dictionary.com, and unfortunately, I can relate!

What a gift, though! What a lovely Birthday gift I have been given! The sun is out in full force! I hope that I can convince myself to do something fun, today. Rather than clean the hot tub, or do my taxes, I hope for myself to do something fun. The thing is, though, it would feel so good to get things done, that doing chores has its own sort of Birthday fun! I mean, imagine tonight, bathing in a nice, clean hot tub! Oh, Happy Birthday to me!

David said he would do it for me, but you know me... I'll hover over him, telling him spots he's missed until I'm doing it myself.

And mowing the lawn IS fun for me. Every time I mow, David chases me out to the lawn and asks if he can do it. "No!" I love to mow! It's just the right size, and not too hard for me. It's flat and I love to make pretty designs. Plus, it's self propelled!

I can't seem to find the stack of creatively wrapped presents for me, anywhere. I've looked! None on the table, None in the kitchen. It's probably a big surprise, hidden from my view, right? Muhahahaha.

I don't even have cake for breakfast! What is wrong with me, this year? That's been my tradition for ever! I'm going to get dressed, though, and head to Safeway and get a german chocolate cake. Breakfast will have to wait!

It is my Birthday, today. My perfect 55, is now 56.

I'm so thankful to still be here on earth. Those jokers, telling me I'd not live past 35! Ha! I'm still here!

I'd say that's a pretty fine stack of presents, right there. Wouldn't you? Whooo hooooo!

27, 2016

I'ma gonna have to start my Birthday week over, again, I'm afraid. It's been too busy to really give it the importance it needs.

Poor Willie! I mean, he has a schedule to keep and I've muffed it up, all but one day.

There was my Birthday day. I mean, the real Birthday, Feb 23. Yes. I celebrated it, but perfectly! But, then...

The day after, I got in a wreck. That "wrecked" my perfect week. I've never been in a wreck, and let me tell you, it wrecks things. I was turning right onto the roundabout off of Terwilliger, up by Lewis and Clark college, when a car came whipping around the corner, so I stopped. BAM! A guy just barrelled into the back of me.

"I guess I was in a hurry to start my day". - was his response. Yeah. I think so.

Man, did that jar my bones! I was on the way to my annual Birthday breakfast with my sisters. I had to text them I'd be late, as I turned into the college parking lot, to collect myself.

Anyhow, since then, it's been chiropractors, and accident reports and.... pheh. Stuff.

The next day, I got up at O'dark thirty to take my brother to get a test done at the hospital. So, that was that day! Yesterday was the first day since my Birthday that I could give Willie the time and effort he deserves. He is the top dog around here, and he knows it.

I mean, get this. If I have to leave in the morning, I have to wake up my son and say, "Could you get in my bed so that Willie knows he is not home alone? Yes. We have to assure this dog that he has company. He has separation anxiety, otherwise, and becomes an absolute mess.

I asked David if this morning, when I go to the doctor, if I should just leave, without, and he said, "No. It's too late to try and fix Willie." LOL. I think so!

Is separation anxiety another way of saying "spoiled rotten?" At one time I thought so, but I'm not sure if it is a real thing or a buzz term. All I know is that it drives me more crazy than it probably does Willie. And Willie knows that, I think.

It is what it is... so, I'm going to go get David to get in my bed. I've got a doctor's appointment at 8 in the morning, on a Saturday. So much for today's birthday!

Oh! And my cake is dried out. Ima gonna have to buy a new one of those, too! For shame!
PS... The Kilchis Weather station is down, and wont be up till they send us a new one. Sorry about that! It will probably be next week.

28, 2016

Tis the last day of February.... and all thru the house...

Today, the rain is pouring down. It's perfect, as it is supposed to rain every day this week. I planted some grass seed and it needs to be watered every day, multiple times. Perfect! Thank you, Lord, for watering my lawn!

My lawn is a bit torn up, due to Willie's love of the non useful command, "hunt 'em up!"

He likes to chase after the squirrels who call "home" to my oiled sunflower seed feeders. Willie gleefully awaits this command, but it is one of a very few that he chooses to follow.

Yesterday, I was sitting out doors at the table, watching with curiosity, as a hummingbird came up to the porch, and hovered inches over an outdoor carpeting, picking something off of it! What was it?! Then, another came to do the same! Were they gathering threads off of it for nesting materials, or eating some kind of bug or something?

I couldn't quite make out what they were gathering, before Willie thought he should hunt the poor things up! Willie! NO! Thankfully, the little hummies, like the squirrels, were much too fast for Willie.

"Willie is the only puppy I've ever had that wouldn't crate train."

or should I say:

"With Willie, I lost my strength and will."

Growing up, my family proudly referred to me as the dog trainer. I went to dog training classes, went to dog training 4-H and spent hours training our family dogs to do useful, as well as useless tricks.

They could pray on a Bible, open doors, go get my Dad's slippers... the list went on! I was so proud of how my Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters talked about my ability with dogs. With Willie, though, I digress.

I struggle with this, as Willie is a huge example of training failure!

I recall placing that soft, silky puppy in his crate, and watching him shake and howl, and eventually vomit and choke. It only got worse as time went on. We'd try to ignore him as you would a child in a crib. It sure goes against what you want to do! You want to go pick them up and cuddle them all better! And, with Willie, we finally did!

I read and read, trying to one up this dog that wanted his way. I bought a fancy new crate, after reading that it could be that the crate was too large. But, that didn't work, either. I finally gave up, sold the crates and thus, his record of top dog seemed set.

I have had springers and assorted spaniels my entire life. I've never had these challenges that Willie handed out. My dogs have always learned that the crate was their comfort place. Not their demise!

Willie was born the runt, and always had trouble fighting the bigger puppies for food.
He was a bit underweight when I took him in. He loved his food! When he got his very own bowl of food, he went crazy!

He's so demanding, though. Even now, at four years old!

He was always more of a springy springer than I've had. Is it that they are over bred now days? I just don't know. But, he had the wilders more than any springer, ever!

David and I tease that he will look at us in the morning, and say with his knowing eyes, "I've got openings for walks at 10, 12, 3:45 and 6! Who will fill these for me?"

When he gets bored, he looks to us to solve his troubles.
Willie wants to be held, or Willie wants to go out doors, or Willie wants... Willie wants... Willie wants! Agh!

I love him more than I ever thought I could, as all dogs I have owned, but I sure get tired of the Willie wants!

He barks obnoxiously and won't stop, when visitors come. He pulls me on the leash.

I... have... failed. This is a huge blow to my dog training abilities. (Lack thereof!)

Oh, well! It just is what it is!

Yesterday, Tammy came over to do her laundry and to visit. She brought me cupcakes for my Birthday, and oh, are they good! Hey! You MUST go to Oregon City's new cupcake place on Molalla, around Fred Meyers. That's where she got them. It's called Fat cupcakes! They are to die for! I bit into a peanut butter and chocolate one, and nearly died and went to heaven!

It had a peanut butter cup layer at the bottom, then chocolate cake and this heavenly peanut butter frosting with dark chocolate drizzled over the top. Oh... My... Gosh.... Willie and I wanted to roll in it, but I ate it too fast.

I think I'll just call yesterday the first day of my Birthday week, trial two. It's going to be divine! I think that next year, I'll just start at February 1st, and call it a Birthday month. What say you?!

Will you do this with me for your Birthday? Let me know, and I'll help you celebrate it! It's a new thing! Birthday month!

We aren't nice enough to ourselves, and I think that's our error. Unlike Willie, this is something we can fix! Let's fix it! In fact, Birthday 'years' may be a serious consideration, also.

Well, "Willie wants". I can tell, as he is staring at me with those eyes that plead boredom.

What shall we do today, Willie? Or... perhaps, is it your Birthday year?




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