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wild season!
February 1, 2012

that was fun!

I just got back from the river. My heart is still pounding,
just about as hard as it was when I left. I was so excited! My skunk is
I glanced out my upstairs window and declared the truth. I knew it, like
the very few things I know as truth. The river was perfect for jig fishing!
I had to go! Not later, not this afternoon, but, right NOW!
And fish, I did, by golly.
Oh, how nice to live here! I miss this! I miss having that feeling, and
being able to play it out. Literally! I played those fish out!
I landed two out of four... maybe five strikes. Once, my bobber just hesitated
a bit, and sure enough, the tip of sandshrimp I had carefully laced on my
hook, was gone when I reeled in. Eaten? I think so!
Second cast, same as the first- same route down the river, my bobber very
slowly was taken into the depths, and even though it looked to be a snag,
it buried like it was a snag, I knew it wasn't. This was something with
life to it. I set the hook, and fish on! You know, come to think of it,
you can usually (Usually, I said!) tell what kind of fight you are going
to get, by the hookset.
This was slow and gradual, and also, was the fight. I mean, he had a bit
of spunk. It was the fish in the video, above. It just didn't have that
whirl of silver, cartwheeling thru the air. The fish didn't make my heart
pound. It made me giggle, instead. The fish had a bit of color. Aren't steelhead
the only fish in the world, when they have color, even more beautiful?
As I age, I want to be like a steelhead! A slight blush on my cheeks, and
a pretty pink stripe down my side! (Well, maybe not.)
Perhaps it was tired. I don't think they do run backs on the Kilchis, unless
they just started. On some rivers, (the Nehalem used to, for sure) they'd
take the clipped fish Who'd made it to the hatchery, transport them upriver
a bit, and release them, giving the anglers another chance to hook up with
As I think about that, I sure miss Jim Erickson. Those were the days when
we'd go for those run backs, together. Ah, Jim. You are in my heart!
Anyhow, slow hookset, slow fight? I'm not sure, but when I think back, I
think so? Think about
it, and let me know.

Sometimes, that bobber just sinks in a flash and you know you are in for
some fun! I had one of those, today. I lost it. I wasn't sure if it was
a late, bright salmon, or a humongous steelhead. I kinda think (hope) it
was the latter, but I just don't know. It didn't do that slow, deep head
shake like chinook normally do. It flew through the air, and danced on the
top water. While doing the hoochie coochie, my line broke, above my jig.
Gone, went the beautiful whatever-it-was. It was bright and beautiful, but
you know, I've seen chrome chinook this time of year, in the Kilchis. So...
Until someone catches it again, and I can get my jig back, a mystery it
Bye, bye, pretty pink jig.
Bye, bye, pretty big fish!
But, it's all fun. Never once was I upset. All the fish go back, anyhow!
Well, that is, unless I'd have caught a stray hatchery fish.
Bill and I had steelhead the other night for dinner, and the next day, a
beautiful salmon sandwich. That was so good, and I'd love to duplicate it
again, later this week! The chances of catching a hatchery steelhead on
the Kilchis this time of year is still pretty good, but from here on in,
they decrease, as we get into the wild season. "The Wild Season".
Doesn't that sound fun? February... The Wild Season. Yeah!
I'm still feeling pretty wild. I think I'm going back out. Yep. I am.
The cardiologists say that I am to take Toprol SL, which is a medication,
a 'beta blocker' that slows down my heart beat. That, when I go salmon fishing,
(or any big fish- fishing) I should take an extra one, just in case. The
point of this, is to slow my heart beat down.
It was explained to me like this. The docs say that an average person has
just 'so many' heart beats in an average life span. But, that marfan people,
and especially those that have had a dissected aorta, have fewer. So, the
fewer times my heart beats, the longer I live. I take Toprol to make sure
I spend mine, wisely.
I am on a budget of heartbeats!
If I am going to be doing things that cause extra beats (I won't go into
what other activities these might be...) Id' better enjoy them and spend
them with care!
Fishing for me, is worthy of my allowance!

February 6, 2012

Oh my oh my, what a busy week! It's the Sportsman Show week, and I have so much to do! I'm so behind!
I've been coding and fixing and uploading and backloading and forget-it loading the software to make the web cam run. I had it running well, and then I got that terrible, "Windows has to close this program, as there was an unexpected problem!" Wha?
Also, I have to do that port forwarding stuff, and wah. I feel like handing my laptop to someone and say, "Fix this!"Thing is, I started this process weeks ago, but just three days ago, it went on the fritz!
So, I upgraded the firmware on my router, and ever since, whatamess! Why will I never learn that new is not better? If it works, don't fix it!
It's the week of the broken!
My ice maker broke in my freezer, and now every time it goes to make ice, it sprays water all over the freezer, coating everything with water, which soon turns to ice! Lucky for me, I have a home warranty, but all of this stuff takes time. Time that I can't seem to find time for!
I want to fish on the river. I want long, slow days on the river. But, no! The show must go on!
Every morning I lay in bed, and wake to the sound of my neighbor, Scott Nichols, hook up his boat to go fishing. I hear him take off out of the driveway. I bolt awake, thinking, "Bill is leaving for fishing without me!"
I slowly become aware that it's not Bill. I'm not at the river, and I'm not going fishing.
I think Scott was rather shocked, when one day he brought the boat back and I said, "Some boyfriend you are. Going fishing without me!"
He looked at me like, "What the heck is wrong with this woman?"
I explained. Thank God he laughed.
I'm just so used to that noise, and that panic. Heaven forbid I oversleep and let Bill leave without me!
Scott has sure done well, though, this week. He must be a good guide. He shows me videos and pictures of the fish he's gotten. He says someday he will take me, too!
Anyhow, it's back to fixing the router. Please pray for me.
Then, pray that I can find some way to get to the show and back. I can't drive at night, yet I need to be there, some nights. It will all work out. Right? I'm looking up the Tri Met schedule, next.
Off I go! Have a great sunshiny day! Isn't it beautiful out?!

February 7, 2012

I'm funny.
Yesterday I was grocery shopping, and the produce guy was stacking apples, neatly in a cascading style, like they do... when all of the sudden, they broke loose, and cascaded, everywhere. I tapped on his shoulder, and said, "You know what that's called, when that happens?"
He turned to me dryly and said, "What"? He didn't say "Lady" but, he looked like he wanted to.
I said, "It's an applelanch."
That came to me a couple years ago, and came back, yesterday. I enjoy my jokes! I wish my Dad were around. He'd like that one. Whatever floats my boat, right? :)
Anyhow, I spent all day yesterday and today getting that darned web cam together. Sad, that some people could do it in five minutes, and I can't. But, what matters is that I got it running! Yaya!
I believe the address will be posted at show time, tomorrow, here!
As for me and my tired bones? I'm going to take a hot tub and go to bed. Big week, ahead! Come get your Kwikfish! They are gorgeous and I have them! Wheeeeee!

February 8, 2012

Here I go!
I'm off to the show!
I'll be there, till 3 or so!
Come get your Kwikfish!
Ho, ho, ho!

February 10, 2012

I think I can... I think I can.
It's six in the morning, day three of the show.
I think I can...
I'm so tired. The kind of tired where your bones ache and your head is fuzzy-tired.
That kind of tired.
I dream of being at the beach, waking when I want, and wandering out to
the river in my pajamas, rod in hand.
Bill called, and said he caught a 20 pounder. Funny. Actually, he said 19.3.
He won't let himself say 20 pounds. He's always been like that. So honest
with his fish. Now, how many fishermen are honest? LOL. Bill is!
He took the girth, which he said was incredible. He said the length wasn't
all that much to be excited about, but the girth? "He was a hog!"
LOL. Isn't that what the guys say?
There is a video on ifish right now of this really pretty girl in pink boots,
landing a steelhead. She is so funny! I hope I can find it, and share it
with you. It had me cracking up! If I have time, I'll go searching.
Anyhow, I'm having coffee, trying to wake up. I'm trying to decide if I
should take Willie to the show, today. Whether it would be fun, or whether
I would end up in tears. Thing is, I miss him so much, all day long. SO
MUCH! When I get home, first thing I do is run for my bed, as I greet him
with lovey-gushy words. Yesterday it was "William Scott!", repeated
over and over. Willie has several names, according to our moods. Willie
chases me, (piddling just a little bit on the way), he's so excited to see
me, and we both land on the bed and greet each other, like long lost friends.
Most of my friends don't piddle, though. Just Willie. :) God knows that
I love that dog!
Anyhow, frankly, the show has been a blast and I love to see all the people!
I can't believe how fast we are going thru those lures, this year. I don't
know if it's that I didn't buy as many, or what, but the boxes are disappearing,
fast! Hope you get to come in and get one, while they are hot! They are
SO incredibly beautiful, this year. I was a little skeptical, when I first
saw them on paper, but man-oh-man. I do love the real thing!
Here is the "Pink
Boots" video.
Please know that the title may offend some. I wish
it weren't that, but it is what it is.
I just think she's funny. Especially, cuz the first video they showed was
so innocent. See, here.
I gotta run. Off to the show, we go! See ya there!

February 11, 2012

By golly, I think I'm going to die.
Someday. :)
But, right now, it feels like it would nothing, but a relief. I really hurt.
You know those scales they ask you, from one to ten? How bout a bazillion
I will feel better, tomorrow, and that's the thing that keeps me going.
Hope for the future. But, really, it doesn't take much to go from one end
to the other. I hurt easy and I heal easy.
Right now, my legs feel like petrified wood. Does wood ache?
After a while at the show, my legs just go on stiff-auto pilot and my body
feels like it's afixed atop, and it just rides along. Those legs just step,
step after step. I block out the pain, somehow, and just keep on walking.
I often ask Bill to cut my legs off, cuz honest to God, that's what I feel
like would help. Just cut off the pain. Separate it from me, and everything
will be better.
I think I'll take a hot tub, instead.
My head is spinning because my brain is so fried. The lights at the show
keep bringing on those migraine auras, so that I can't see, and it's so
frustrating to try to greet folks with a smile, while trying to block out
that weird kind of pain. It just takes a lot of thinking, to do it.
The whole show is exhausting for me.
But, let me tell you.... It's FUN! It's worth it! I wouldn't mind dying
right now. I'm not the least bit afraid of death. It would be a perfect
end to a perfect day!
Can you imagine the show, and then Heaven? Wow. Not too bad!
It's funny to me how I forget the pain of the show, each year.
The only thing about dying, though, is I would miss the Wilster. (Willie).
I would miss my friends and family and future of it all!
But, I think Mr. Brown (The Wilster) would be terribly sad. Once I was asked
whether I would rather go first, or my dogs, I said that I would rather
go first. But, now thinking about it, I think I'd better wait and let him
go first, so that they won't be alone. I know my kids, Bill, etc., would
take wonderful care of Willie, but it's my job. He knows me best, and he
trusts me not to leave him. So, the answer to that question is that I would
rather them go first. It hurts like heck when they do, but I have the satisfaction
of living it out, and not leaving my animals or my family all alone.
Anyhow, I know now for sure why I feel pretty good, lately. It's because
I'm not working myself as hard. It's a darn good thing I sold ifish. It's
a darn good thing the show isn't every week. I can't work every day, every
week. It would be impossible.
I did the right thing by my body. It just couldn't take it, anymore. I was
running on empty too often. This body needs more rest than most, I think.
Even if it's just think-work, I have to do less, in order to feel good.
I have to have less stress, and go a little bit slower.
So, when folks ask how I am, I tell them "better than ever!" And,
I believe that to be true! I am (usually, but maybe not right now) better
than ever! All told, considering all, I do feel better than I did, four
years ago, or even six.
But, after what I've been thru, the cancer stuff and the marfan stuff, well,
it's slowed me down, some.
Not doing so much of ifish has given me back a little zest in my life. I
can still do the fun part, and not worry about the hard parts.
This week, as I've shaken people's hands, and talked to the darned nicest
folks, I know I did the right thing. And, with one more day to go, I know
that I couldn't work full time like this, and again, I know I've done the
right thing. I couldn't do any more than one more day. It's the fact that
it's only a short day, that I'm not canceling it.
It's that old, "I think I can.... I think I can!" that will make
me set my alarm tonight, for just one more day.
Then, yes, I'll be physically drained, but fully mentally recharged with
lots of wonderful memories of the greatest folks on earth. The ifish community!

And next week? I'll be on the river again, resting, like I should. You know,
like the doctor told me I should. Like I need to. I'm a slow learner.
Until... next year at the show!
For now, though, I'm dog tired!

February 13, 2012

Praise the Lord and pass the river!
I'm home!
Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art

Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art

But, now I dunnit. My throat is sore! I thought you weren't
supposed to get a sore throat after your tonsils are out? I do! I have one,
That show was so fun!
Let me tell you, though. I sure sleep well when I do those shows.
I get up at 6, get ready and hit the road one hour or so, before show time.
That's how I get the web cam up and running.
Then, I work all day, or really, I sit on a chair and talk to ifishers and
sell Kwikfish and decals. Is that work? It's tiring! Tiring to be "on"
all day. I guess that is a good way to put it. Tiring to smile when I feel
like saying "ouch!".
But, it is so fun to see everyone, meet new people, and hear stories of
how much ifish means to the people.
There are a few people, I suppose, who don't think so much of ifish, but
they don't usually tell me about it. That makes me happy, too!
It's interesting to learn. ... to talk to people that we may have thought
of as "trouble" and have them explain their position, and then
realize how easy it is to put a label to someone, before you meet them.
That makes us all better moderators, and much more humble moderators!

Anyhow, I get home about 4, depending on traffic, and let me tell you, I'm
out by 5:30 or 6. I mean OUT. I'm out like a light and I don't get back
up till 6. I often find myself, tv and light still on, when I get up. I'm
often still dressed, too! Hey! I could just get up and go! But, usually,
I take a hot tub in the evening, and fall asleep in my robe.
I kept a tube of hand sanitizer in my purse and used it all week, but looks
like I caught something, anyhow. My throat is all swollen. It's difficult
to swallow and it hurts! Darn it, anyhow!
Well, I have a week of putting up the page to sell the remainder of the
2012 Kwikfish, catch up with the mod board, and just do overall ifish work.
The normal stuff! Wait for a notice, here and I'll also post the "Kwiks
for mail order" on the board. They are for sale until I run out, minus
6 for me, and 6 for the contest winner!
I had a great week, even though it was really tough on me! I'd do it all
over again.... next year!
Now, all I have to look forward to is Willie getting neutered tomorrow and
my Birthday! Wheee ha!

Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art
Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art
Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art
Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art
Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art

Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art
Valentines Day!
Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art

Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art
Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art
Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art
Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art
Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art

And, I'm off to the vet, to get Willie neutered. Heck of
a thing to do to your pet on Valentine's Day!
It's pouring down rain, here, and blowing sideways. Good day to stay home
and get some work done. Perhaps my taxes, gas mileage, etc. Yeah, that's
what I'll do! That, and ifish!
Hope your day is filled with love. It will be, if you give it, because then
it will come right back atcha! Go forth and love~!

February 15, 2012

Good morning after Valentines Day!
I'm at the river, just hanging out. Yesterday, Willie was neutered, and
man oh man is he wild! Wait a minute! This seems backwards! Isn't he supposed
to calm down? NOT!
Bill and I are trying to decide if we'd like to fish the Wilson, or just
fish the Kilchis.
Either way, today I'm fishing!
It's the first day I've had not medical, not show, not vet, not anything
to do on my calendar! I asked Siri last night, "what is on my schedule?"
and she said, "Jennie, you have nothing on your schedule for tomorrow."
She is so smart!
That Siri is eerie! I'll tell you! She knows everything! Well, it's off
to the river for me. Willie is wild. How will I ever keep him out of the
water? Leash time!

February 16, 2012

Next week, this time, I'll be in Vegas! All by myself! I
have wanted to go somewhere to get away, all by myself, well, ever since
I bought a house all by myself, and find myself still living with two
boys! LOL
So, for my Birthday, I'm going to Las Vegas, all by myself! I wonder if
it will be good, like I think, or if I'll hate it?
I made a bunch of points, last time I was there, and I have a 100 dollar
credit to spend on anything. (Read: SPA) Then, I got the room free, from
an e mail that said, "Stay two free nights on us!" Then, I have
enough points to fly first class to Vegas through my Alaska Visa.
Sometimes I think it would be fun to start a travel web site, and share
all the fun ways to collect free travel. I work at it. It's not like it
just comes to me. I read other travel web sites, and I read all the small
print and ads, and wait for Hilton member's quarterly promotions, and
do everything they say. I stay nights at hotels when it is triple points,
etc... Then, when I collect enough, I go for it!
I wish it were Hawaii... or someplace warm. But, I only want to be gone
a couple days, due to Willie.
Willie is doing fine, after his neuter, by the way. He's a wild pup, wilder
than usual, but that's OK. We are at the river.
I am terrible at taking tests. I flunk.
Not the written kind. I'm pretty good at those. But medical tests? I either
screw them up, or flunk. (both!)
The other day I had an ultrasound, because I have a suspicious lump on
my ovary. oops. Forgot to tell my family. Hope they don't read it here.
I was supposed to drink 32 ounces of water, one hour prior, which I began
doing, exactly one hour before. Then, about 15 minutes into it, I had
to go use the ladies room. So, I did! OOPS. Full bladder. I was supposed
to have a full bladder. So, I began panicking and drinking glass after
glass of water, in hopes I'd still be OK. Nope! Got there and they said,
"Jennie, your bladder is not full." So, they kicked me out.
Trial two is today. If only I pass it. My Mom died of ovarian cancer,
and I don't like the sounds of a lump, there.
Then, I have three blood tests to get done. Cholesterol, thyroid, and
blood glucose. I'm supposed to fast, until I get there. Oops. I drank
water at 2. Now, let me tell you, I have attempted this test, every day
I have been in Tillamook, for two weeks. But, I get up, smell the coffee,
and I can't do it! This morning, I was going to get it done for sure,
but oops. Drank that darned, cold, crisp Kilchis water in the middle of
the night. Was I supposed to totally fast, or just not coffee? I forget.
So, I poured myself a cup of that wonderful hot coffee, and decided to
stay home. I'll get it done! I will! But, for now, I'm sure enjoying this
I mean, come on. What are they doing? Trying to find something ELSE wrong
with me? I don't want to know!
Seriously, I am going to call the doc, and have her give me an order for
two more weeks. In that time, I will succeed, one morning, and pass that
coffee by. I'll do right by me.
Dang I love coffee. I have realized that I am fully addicted. Hm. Oh well.
Yesterday, we fished the river, up and down. No fish. Well, wait. I got
a very strong "bobber down" but it was an equally strong release.
Bobber down, bobber up! All gone! At least I got to feel one!
As for me and my house, I can't wait for Spring Chinook. It's like that
for me, lately. Of course, Springers are my very fav, lately, but I seem
to flunk all my seasons, for the last few years, and then say, "Oh!
But, I am waiting for (insert: springers, steelhead, fall chinook....)
Then, I flunk that season, and move to the next. But, hey! I caught my
one steelhead! I can pass go and collect 200 bucks, right?
I dream that someday I'll have the time to become the fisher I once was.
But, maybe I'm just getting older. Maybe this just happens. Or, maybe...
just maybe, it's natural to go in phases? Did living on the river spoil
my desire to fish? To rise before the sun is up, dress in layers of warm
clothing, and spend a day in the pouring rain with a rod in hand? What
happened to that craziness? Where did that desire go? Is that called "youth?"
We purchased a boat with comfy seats and a top on it, and now we don't
go so much!
I'll tell you one thing, but don't tell Bill. I loved that red jet sled
of his, and when he sold it, he kinda sold my desire to go. I love his
new boat! I do! But, it's kind of a pain to launch, and handle. I was
so proud of how we had our launch system down. I can't see when I back
that big thing. I used to zip down the boat launch, drop him off, go park,
get in the boat, and we'd go! This one, I'm just not as confident with!
Plus, I loved to be able to jet over skinny water. I was confident! We
could go anywhere!
And, we caught fish like mad! Man, did we land fish in that boat! But
it was uncomfortable for Bill to handle. This new one is comfy for both
of us. If only we'd use it more often!
It's like I enjoy watching fish in the river, now, almost as much as I
did catching them, when I was in that phase. I love to sit on a mound
of grass, watch the dogs play, and watch for a salmonids, passing by.
It THRILLS me! Just as it does to feel them on the line. Any of my senses
in contact with fish, and I'm good! Well, I can do without the scent of
rotten salmon on my dogs, but any other of my senses... Sight, feel, even
hearing them go thru the riffles... The smell of fish? Not so much. :)
I have a question. When you get stuck on something in the river with your
jig, and releasing it bends the hook, do you still trust it, if you bend
it back into shape? I don't. Bill says it's OK, but I just don't trust
it. It's kind of like having an overhand knot in your line, to me. I'm
so afraid I'll catch a monster and it will not hold it's curve when I
fight it. What do you think?
Alright. My mind is racing. I am downing this coffee like mad. I'm going
to get into my waders and fish the morning light, this morning. Then,
I'll come back, drink my water and succeed in getting one test over with.

February 17, 2012

I walked out onto the slippery, wet deck this morning, and
looked out, over my land. Kind of like Kilchis used to do, when he was
alive. He'd sit, perched on the top step, with his feet down a step, and
he'd survey his kingdom.
I looked toward the river. Shouldn't have done that. It pulled me to it,
even though I knew my slippers would get soaked. Uggs are not good for
the wet lawn.
The bottom hem of my robe dragged along the soaking lawn. But, I kept
going. I had to.
It was a "re" day. I could tell, and there was no stopping me.
I had to have part of it.
You know what a "re" day is? It's a redo. A refresh. A recovery.
A renew. Revive, restore...
There were even the sounds of Spring birds in the air! And warm? Oh, it's
warm outside! I didn't even really need that soggy robe! Off it went,
laying in the lawn. I kept progressing, soggy step by step. I had no fishing
rod. I wasn't fishing for fish.
I looked to my left, and chose the perfect log to sit on. It was too late.
I knew that my hind end would be wet to the bone, by the time I got up.
My mind was made up. I needed to sit. And, yes. It was worth it! Worth
every drop!
I even had a cup of coffee in hand. What could be better?
Sitting there in bright red Christmas pajamas, cup of hot coffee in hand...
The air was moist. The trees that towered over the river went up as far
as I could see. Then, the fog took over. There was no sky. Just a soft
ceiling of white, soggy mist. It was lovely. It was like a blanket over
all of us. It cushioned us, in there. Softly, like being in one of those
snow globes, without the snow. Just fog.
The dogs played. They were so happy that I'd taken a moment from my morning
to see it all. They know best. They lead me to what I need to do. I should
listen more often.
Revive me! Fill me up, Lord! Recreate me! Reconstruct me!
Two silly river otters played at the other edge of river, sliding down
a muddy slope, and splashing into the glassy water. The Kilchis is low,
right now, and it's perfect for Willie to learn to swim. The otters gave
him yet more reason.
"No, Willie! No!"
I've seen this near disaster play out, before. Revvie got a little too
close, one time, and to the vet we went! Not in the mood. "Willie,
come!" But, the otters are almost too much to resist. They look playful
and fun! "Mom! Look! Friends!" After all, all the cat does is
just swipe him one. He could take it. Right? WRONG! "Willie!"
Thank God my stern voice worked on the otters, if not my dog.
We found a huge coho. I mean a monster! A toad! A Hawg(!) on the river
bank, spawned out. Bill cut his head off and hung it in a tree. Willie
smelled it and spent the rest of the morning, trying to jump up to it.
It made me laugh.
There I was, out on the river, sitting in my red pajamas on a wet log
with my dogs. Deep in a canyon so that my laughter resonated over and
over in the almost Spring-time.
There was "good chi" everywhere, and my body was so thirsty
for it, it just soaked it up. Laughter on the river is so good. So healing.
Revamp me. Recreate me. Reconstruct me.
Ever realize how many good "re" words, there are? It's a "re
on the river" day, the day before I leave for Oregon city. Thank
It was SO "springtime" out! Where did the winter go? I'm sure
we have some left, but man oh man, I was "digging" this morning!
There are tiny little crocus peaking out in the lawn, where Bill planted
them. One here, one there. Little surprises in the wet dirt. Tiny purple
flowers, a bit of gold, here and there. Lovely! Just lovely! It's fun
to search them out, and with each one, my breath sharply intakes! "Oh!"

With a hey, and a ho, and a hey nonino,
How that a life was but a flower
In springtime, the only pretty ring time,
When birds do sing, hey ding a ding, ding;
Sweet lovers love the spring.

It was supposed to storm, today. What a wonderful surprise
this is!
I feel refreshed, redone, all new!
Thank you, Kilchis river. It never ceases to re-amaze me!

February 19, 2012

Argh.... I mean, "Good morning!"
I KNEW that inventory tracking thing was too good to be true!!! They counted my 2 kwiks, and 3 kwiks and 6 for 50 as one kwik each. (Each sale, they counted as one item!) ARGH!
I have now closed the sales until I figure out if I have any left, or heaven forbid, if I oversold. If that's the case, be assured you will be refunded. I think I caught the error in time, so fear not.
It's just a hassle for me. Pheh.
Everyone that might have ordered when I was out, please know that I will pay any charges, and you will be fully refunded. I'm just so sorry. Item tracking is no good at all!
Or, I don't know how to use it, anyhow!
I sure have my work cut out for me, today!

February 21, 2012

Let me tell you about the life of an ifish girl.
First of all, this ifish girl is tired!
Second, I have to tell you about my test that had me worried about ovarian cancer. I am the only ifishgirl who has been told that indeed, my ovaries look "beautiful!" I had to laugh when my doctor reported that. How embarrassing! Beautiful ovaries? OK!
Hallelujah, though, it isn't that danged awful cancer, back. Phewie! My ovaries are beautiful!
OK. I thought when I sold the business end of things, that I'd have more personal time. Ha~!
The thing is, I don't think I'll ever be able to move out of the roll of ifish. I care too much. It's just my baby. Plus, people still come to me, and no matter how many times I refer them to someone else, they come back to me.
Someday, I'd like to have a real job where I make money, and I'm trying! I'm trying to start up the ifish store, but frankly, I'm just not good at it. I give stuff away too much, because I love to make folks happy. Same as when I owned ifish. I just didn't want to charge enough. Part of that is because I don't have confidence in my business self. I have no training in business. If I charged a bunch, I'd be (oh, heavens, no!) RESPONSIBLE for as much as I charged. That scared the bejeebers out of me, so I stayed low. :) That means yes, boys and girls, I must have low self esteem, as far as how much I'm worth, business wise. I'd rather just make folks happy. That, to me, is success.
One day, a friend of mine who I respect in business said that he would see me as successful, until I was rich, sitting on a beach somewhere, looking over my Kingdom. But, can't success just be happiness?
I think so. There is nothing better to me than to see someone smile.
It makes me smile back.
But, somehow, Allcoast media has done it! I hear sponsors on ifish still smiling. I hear how happy they are! Results, stats, business equals happiness!
It is possible, I've found, to charge what you are worth, and make them happy, too! (duh!) I just didn't have the confidence to do that, myself. I'm so glad that the folks that have the business end, now, can do that well. I'm so proud to have them a part of our ifish family! So, so proud. I think I did well, in choosing them. I really like them... a whole bunch! They are becoming like family, to me.
OK, back to my life, if you asked the mods if I've been busy on ifish, they'd say "Nope! Haven't seen her at all!"
That would be the truth! They haven't! But, I'm still "ifishing" most of the live long day!
For the last three days, I have been buried in 2012 kwikfish sales, posting the sales, sorting the sales, and packing and sending them out.
In between all this, I am constantly in contact with ifishers. I get private messages, 'contact me' e mails, and private e mails, asking everything from "How come I can't post? -to- "thank you for what you do!" -to- "Can you help me post a picture?" or "Can you please let me know if I can order a 2012 kwikfish?"
Imagine... just imagine if I tried to let 10,000 people know if they could personally get a kwikfish. I don't think people realize how large ifish is, these days! I so wish I could help every person, individually!
So, last night at about 4, I panicked, finding I had no more packing boxes. I thought I had another ream of them. Those little suckers are expensive! So, I go to Staples, and they can't send them till 10 days from now. So, off to Office depot. Nope! No can do for 9 days! So, I find this other place in Washington, online! They have overnight delivery. It's called Uline.com and not only that, they are 50 percent less expensive! Yay! And that's even with delivery! So, I'll get those delivered, today. Yay!
Until then, I have some time to write!
This morning I set my alarm for 7. I played with Willie and tried to wear him out, before leaving him with David, so that I could leave the house by 8. Both arms were loaded full of ifish things. One, a box full of Yakima Bait prizes for the second place winner of the springer contest, Anadromous. I am to deliver it to him in Milwaukie at 9. Check. Did that. Had a lovely talk with him. What a nice guy!
Then, I came back home, read my e mail, and Willie was just bouncing off the walls. I had to deliver some kwikfish to an ifisher in West Lynn, so I bundled pup up, grabbed 3 lawn and garden bags full of boxes and packages of Kwikfish all postage paid, and drove Willie to Mary S. Young park for a romp. I have some lady friends who go there, and it's always fun to get together and talk pups. Willie had a blast and I think I wore him out! I was covered from head to toe in mud, but off to West Lynn, I went! I was quite the sight!
On the way, Bill calls. I answer, "Tech support". Sure enough, his e mail isn't working. So, I'm to call Opus Interactive to find out why. I'm glad I remembered that. They need some info from me.
I've learned to make notes. It's the only way I can half remember what I'm to do. I love Siri on my iphone. She is my best friend, and she takes care of me!
I'm finally home, and it's time to finish my e mail, write my column, and maybe... just maybe... I can check into the mod board! It's a darn good thing that we have the most dedicated mods in the world! They are so awesome! And they get things done, too!
Oh! By the way, our beloved and long time moderator "STGRule" stepped down for a bit, as she tends to a soon to be born grandchild, (congrats, Ruth!) and family stuff. She's busy knitting booties and making all kinds of wonderful crafts. Besides, she says... her e mail was getting really tired. :)
I have to stop and wonder what that might be like to have only a few e mails a day, and not to have to do something, when you see something inappropriate on the board. She said that was the weirdest feeling. She'd see something that needed to be done, and had to stop and think, "Oh! I don't have to fix that!" That made me smile. I can only imagine! Someday... I think I would like that, too! Sounds very, very tempting!
I can only dream, for now.
I'm still a dedicated ifish girl. (A dedicated and tired ifish girl!)
Oh! I forgot! In between all the busies, this morning, I had to return a pair of Dan Bailey breathable waders to Fishermans. They are so nice, there, and so helpful. The Dan Baileys were a men's size, and due to how big the feet were, in order to get the length for my legs, they wouldn't fit in my wading boots! The material flopped all out of the back of the boot and it was so uncomfortable! I was so bummed! But, guess what? I found a pair that fits! A GIRLS size, no less! I mean, they really fit! They aren't all baggy-saggy in the crotch and huge in the waist. They fit! Fitted waders? No way! They are stylin, girlfriend! They are girly!
Only things are that one, I love the front pocket on the Dan Baileys and two, they are colored a light powder blue, and have pink writing on them.
I do wonder what the fish will think?
Oh well. I guess, after all, I am an ifish GIRL.
At least they aren't pink camo! I've seen that at the shows, and there is no way anyone is going to catch me in pink camo! No way!
Oh, shoot. USP is here. Time to make the doughnuts!
(Siri? Remind me to call Opus!)

February 22, 2012

If you'd like to order a 2012 kwikfish (or more!), please click here and I'll send you an invitation private message!

February 26, 2012

Wowie, if that wasn't an adventure in independence.
A very long time ago, a few years out of high school, I was talking to a good friend of mine, Joni Harms. She was doing well with her music, (after I quit the band! LOL) and said to me, "Jennie, you wouldn't believe how independent I am!" That has struck me many times, since then.
I mean, we grew up together, and we were so dependent as youngsters. Dependent on each other, on our parents, etc. It was a wonder that we both grew to be so independent.
She was flying around the world, and so was I.
So, as I flew to Vegas a couple days ago, all by my lonesome, I felt that same independence that I felt as a youngster, traveling around and playing music. I can still do it and I still enjoy it, just the same!
Time alone is a good thing. I really enjoyed myself. I curled up out on the deck, in a big cushy couch on the 69th floor of the Cosmopolitan Hotel. It was a bit breezy, even though it was nearing 70, so I took two big pillows off the bed, and a warm down blanket, and fell asleep. The background noise of the Bellagio fountains lulled me to sleep. There I slept, like a cat in the sun. My Birthday was grand!
I don't always enjoy being alone, though, and I'm so grateful for my friends. I was woken by phone calls all day, from people I love. My brother texted me that his son and wife gave birth to "Olivia Logsdon" on my Birthday at 9:55 PM! What an honor! I'm so excited to go see her!
But, as for me, it's back to work. I have a zillion Kwikfish orders to fill, and moderating work to catch up on. We are seriously in need of moderators on ifish.
We'd love to find someone who has been a member for many years, who really knows and cares about ifish.
Anyhow, I'm anxious to see the river. I'm on my way as soon as the snow clears!

February 28, 2012

Snow? I guess so.
I usually love snow, but it's February. Shouldn't we be done with snow? With high electricity bills? Does that sound like I'm getting old? I think so. I'll quit. I love snow! I have to remember that, along with all the other things I used to love, and now I seem to gripe about.
How does that happen? That "old" thing? The griping about all the things that used to pickle me tink? I have to stop! I quit!
I'm just cold. "Cold" rhymes with "Old".
I get the snow bird thing, now.
I used to laugh at folks and wonder why they went South. I mean, it's Steelhead time, for heaven's sakes! It's time for ice on your line, and freezing cold fingers! Those things are good things! Remember? Wearing 17 layers to keep you warm, and then ripping off but one in the afternoon, because it's warmed up to 40 degrees and you are all sweaty from playing fish! Yeah! I remember those days!
I like cold. I do. Really!
I'm still young and active and energetic! Yeah!
Now that we have that settled...
I think I have all the Kwikfish sold! I forget, but Carmen has some still for me, somewhere. I forget how many, but for those who really, really want some, still, I may have some left. We'll see!
I'm so glad I'm over the hump. I'm done with the show. Done with the kwikfish, and I only have one more thing to do. Drive to Eugene on Thursday. After that, I'm going to rest.
Wait a minute! I'm young! I don't need rest! I'm going to get the sled out and go sledding with the kids!




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