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Maurice (lost_sailor)-

I believe that was 'pompatus' of love.

Nobody calls me Maurice anymore, although I believe I've heard of General Fauna Pompatus. It seems to me he led the troops aginst Neopolitin at Waterwell.

[edit] Last day for sturgies tomorrow (to maintain this as a fishing post).

"On the lower Columbia, you will be greeted with a strong outgoing tide for the first several hours of the day. This will limit your opportunity to deep water where the crabs and the sculpins thrive. Some of the best opportunity will likely be out of Hammond along the “Green Line” or the string of green buoys that mark the inside of the shipping channel that parallels Desdemona Sands. Smelt or a whole lot of anchovies will be the key in this deep water and even if you are fishing smelt, check your bait frequently as crab often do not register any indication to your rod tip that your bait is being stripped (Would somebody go crabbing already and thin these things out?). As the tide moves in, anglers will likely have to go hunting for action starting in the deeper water at first and moving into the shallower water as the incoming tide starts to have some influence on fish movement. Flow is critical to sturgeon success so stay in those areas that you can fish lead between 4 and 6 ounces. Above the bridge on the Washington and Oregon sides will be feasible options. One thing to keep in mind is the NW wind that has been kicking up when incoming tide hits. If you launch out of Hammond in the morning, you will be forced to buck the tide and wind on the way back making for some hazardous travel. The East End Basin and John Day Boat Ramp will be good alternatives if wind is forecasted for the coast. Keep in mind that the ramps will be extra crowded as well so starting early on Friday will be critical just to get a parking place. Also be warned that the law is enforcing the no parking areas along the highways so be aware of where you are parking! The Tongue Point area is also still producing some good results for anglers pursuing the same methods as downstream. These fish seem to be concentrated in the deeper channels making heavier lead and mass quantities of bait the preferred alternative. The standby Buoy 50 and Marker 3 are where many of the boats are trying but shallower water in these areas using shrimp are also a good option. In the shallower water out of Tongue Point, it is not so critical to wait until the hard current starts pushing fish into the shallower water. As soon as the water begins to flood in, these shallow sand flats (6 to 14 feet) will begin to produce good results. Just keep in mind that the deep water rule applies here too. The deeper the water you are fishing in this “shallow water” technique, the more bait you will go through. Up here however, the bullheads and crabs are not so bad, but the Peamouth Chub will be there to greet you!" TGF, 06/26/03 [/edit]

The Guide's Forecast

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