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fall fishing plastics

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hey everyone i was just wondering if you all could help me, me and my son are into fishing soft plastics and i was wondering do you have and suggestions for some plastics that we could use for smb fishing for the fall? PMs would be appreciated

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Split shot rig with a sweet beaver.
Dshot 3 inch Yum Dingers watermelon candy. Dshot Yamamoto crawdad in cinamon with black flake.4 or 5 inch Green Pumpkin Hula grub T-rigged and then pegged.
3 inch watermelon YUM! lizards work exceptionally well drop-shotted or texas rigged
Why dredge the bottom? Until the frost kills off the big grasshoppers and such, buzz a paddletail worm across the surface with enuf speed so that its tail spanks the surface. Want to go a little deeper? Twitch unweighted Zoom Flukes and Madtom's Sinkin' Salty Shads. Fall is also a good time for drifting Senkos and their ilk; I like baitfish colors.
My fav. lures are wacky rigged senko drop shot senko & splitshot lizards
Like roger said split shot 4-5" lizards in green pumpkin and wacky rigged 4" tiki sticks in smoke shad color will do the trick.
thanks for all the info that helped alot guys

dont for get jigs and some twin tail grubs ...mmmm yummie
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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