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Eyefish.... I will delete if you say so ;)

Hello Eyefish, can you share a recipe for the above dish? I dabble in Sichuan style stir fries with Razor clams so this caught my undivided attention :) Instructions are not necessary, an ingredient list would be fine. I can figure out how to put it together. Any help would be appreciated.


The Jester said:
Both plates look delicious. Yes, please gift us with the recipes. 🙏 Thanks!
In a nutshell...

1) Coarse-chopped clams seasoned with the eyeFISH Holy Trinity of flaked kosher salt, MSG, fresh cracked pepper and dusted with cornstarch... stir-fried on ultra HIGH heat with avocado oil for about a minute or so to brown... set aside in a bowl.

2) Use same pan/wok to stir-fry garlic, ginger, green onion bottoms, sliced mushrooms, sliced sweet red pepper over high heat (**optional: add hot chili peppers or red pepper flakes for some heat)... de-glaze with a small amount of chicken stock and add a generous dollop of Lee Kum Kee black bean paste... reduce.

3) Return browned clams to the pan, along with chopped green onion tops and fresh cilantro... toss for another 30 seconds to heat thru.

Serve over steamed rice.
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