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A while back I posted about an older Shimano reel I was given by a neighbor, an early 1990's version of the Citica, with 3 ball bearings. The current version has 2.

Well, I sent the reel back to Nutter Rod & Reel , in White GA. They specialize in older Shimanos, so I thought they might have the necessary parts to rebuild the reel. They didn't.

Nutter Rod & Reel sent the reel back to Shimano USA, who in turn replaced the old reel with a brand new Coriolis . I know this reel isn't the fanciest, but it lists for $80.00, a few dollars cheaper than the new version of the Citica.

Anyway, it cost me a total of $21.53 to get a replacement, so I think I'll go ask my neighbor if I can borrow $20 from him. If he says yes, he gets the reel. (just kidding, I'll ask him if he wants the reel, then hit him up for the cash.) :wink:

It is nice to know that there are companies out there willing to take care of their customers. I thought only Abu GArcia did that, but I am quite pleasanttly surprised!

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