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Eugene Area Ifishers--Spot to take Kids?

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Hey All:

My niece and nephew (ages 9 and 7) are coming up to spend the Thanksgiving week with my wife and I. When my wife suggested that I take them out for their first fishing trip, they got so excited that they ran around the neighborhood telling their friends that they were going to catch a fish in Oregon!

Now, this places a bit of pressure on me to deliver! If this were summer, I'd have no problem (McKenzie for pelletheads, Alton Baker Canal, Umpqua for smallies). But, this being the start of the winter, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a lake or small (read SAFE) stream where I'd have a reasonable chance to put them on a fish or two. Species really isn't important, as any fish will be a good fish for them.

Junction City Pond could work, but it's so ugly there. I'm a little reticent to take them to a large river like the McKenzie for safety reasons. Any other ideas?

Thanks for the help!

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If I was in your shoes I would probably take them up to Blue River Res.. Although I'm not sure how low the water will be at that point, and if it gets too low you might have to walk through muck to get to the water.
If you can stomach it, Hwy 126 on the way to Veneta crosses some puddles that are left over from when Fern Ridge was drained down. The one near the railroad trestle has a TON of carp in it. A bobber and a worm, and well, you'd catch fish.
Mabey Dexter res if the weather is ok, it gets pretty windy there but there is trout to catch.
Haven't been there in quite a few years but walterville pond used to be fun for my kids. If they get tired of fishing there are lots of things to poke sticks at there.

wallin pond in salem? Probably has a bunch of trout in it
You might try the "borrow pit" ponds just north of Fern Ridge Reservoir Dam. I am not aware of how they are presently managed, but my sons caught their first trout there. Eugene area Ifisher's might chime in with additional information on those ponds.
Thanks to all who responded. Sounds like Leaburg lake will be a good call (weather permitting of course!). If the fish aren't doing anything, we can feed some of the fishies in the pond.
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