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Left house-5am returned 930 pm -bankers hours
The #s were about 41/50 where everyone posted-25 miles out off jaws-we had a slow start after
catching bait in bay-put a few peanuts in box early then the grade moved
to mid 20 with some 30# mixed in. The day for us was all about bait and
swim baits-1/3 of fish on the troll 2/3 on live bait and as late afternoon
turned into a wide open affair we worked castind swimbaits and flylining
dead baits when live ones ran out-it did not matter live dead or
swimbaits/iron jigs-hooked up and saw most hit the bait/swimbait/dead

Tonsof fish underboat visually seen in late afternoon as massive birds
worked schools of small bait with a billon tuna breezing /jumping and
going nuts-we all feel real played out working so many high grade fish on
20# test-must have lost 15 but kept about 35-final count in am as we
only took 140# of ice and thats what ran out first.Then the live bait went
then the dead- We pulled the plug at 6.45 and we were not the last boat
to leave this day as tuna tugger was still at it in the zone. In late
afternoon we did not bother with troll fish just cut the engine and coasted
up on birds and bait and cast to them with 6-8 fish per stop.This was an
EPIC day for us.
Things spotted was a late eve billfish jumping and well as monster mola
mola's and some huge salmon sharks which I got a few underwater shots
of at the boat-. The super event was near the
entrance bouy we saw humbacks very close full breaching-all the way
out repeatly- wow -also a pod of false killer whales at the grounds-We
spent much of the day drifting with motor off on bait stops-only went
110 miles on hull with a 60 gallon burn.-This was not our highest
number of fish caught in a day but they may be the heaviest. Stopped at
store on way home for 200# of ice to hold them over to the cannery.Best
troll lure was gerry garcia-but we had mostly singles as thats all we
wanted of troll fish-nobody aboard wanted to touch TROLL fish with live
bait on fire . My crew Rick Alexander and Steve Murpy had the best live
bait trip ever-Those schools of swimming tuna in late afternoon under
the boat will aways be in my brain-This was one EPIC day-glad so many
got a chance to get some of it-Back to dock by 8;10 seems we where the
last truck there for some reason?? We could not get enough of this ocean

The results off 2 sharks with hanging tuna-notice tail or lack of

Sorry about the poor underwater shots but its just a point and shoot underwater dig-junker camera-should be point and pray.
The gail force winds have started today-The ocean is a mess for awhile now here. Mark

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Thanks for the story Mark.
Sounds like one of those Days that will not soon be forgotten. :cheers:

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Saman-the light was to low in late afternoon for those to show much on the camera-this shark was at peal light hours. Mark

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I can see it now; grins all around, tired, sore muscles, scales and gurry clinging to yer beard, fish boxes full and overfull.... as you said, an epic day. The whale show alone was no doubt worth the price of admission, with those big guys coming straight up like an ICBM, and creating a splash like heavy surf on a barely submerged rock. Wow.

I'll bet even your rods and reels were whining for ibuprophen. :laugh:

Good job - and great report. :applause:

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