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I'm not a mechanic but i have been told that if you rejet it(it needs more than jsut screw turning adjustment) for altitude you need to rejet it back when you come down to sea level because you will be running too lean or too rich depending on which way it is rejetted for which atltitude you are at if you leave it the same for both.. I do know this though. Your motor however should not cut out or die even with it unaltered. I have a 2002 90HP Honda on a 17' Sylvan. i cannot get on a plane at Paulina with 3 larger people in the boat unless they are at the front. i also have a 2002 9.9HP Honda on the back. Both motors run fine at paulina which is 6380 feet. They start, idle, and run fine clear up to the highest RPM which they can achieve. There is no cut out, dying, or hesitation, or hard start with either one up there or down here. They just won't get near the rpm and of course the speed they will down heere. And it is dramatically less. My recommendation would be to go talk to the dealer or a honda authorized repair person.
90 hp hondas are fuel injected 50 hondas are still carbed, injection has not issues with high or low altitude as they are compensated for by the processor, carbs have no processor thus are still vulnerable to altitude sickness!!:bearhug:
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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