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Having a little egg cook off here tonight... :dance:

TNT on the left vs Siberian on the right... who will win? Only the Salmon know! :grin:

Eggs were courtesy of a couple doughballs I met on the Clackamas this afternoon... I was wotking my way downriver flipping a bobber and jig here and there hoping for a little summer steelhead action, when I met these guys catching (and keeping :sick: ) springers... They had their four fish, and were packing up to head out, obviously real proud of some real boots. They were obviously new to the sport, cause they had no clue even that the 4 fish they kept were hens. :hoboy: They were quite sure that after catching about a dozen fish they had the four "nicest" fish from the hole. Didnt even have sore backs! Well my first thought was to snicker a little, but these guys were such obvious rookies that I just complimented them on their fish and was about to go on upstream. However, upon seeing the beautiful large tight yet mature egg skeins in the first fish they were trying to clean, I offered to help! I cleaned their 4 hens in about five minutes and walked away with about 15 lbs of the most beautiful eggs that they didnt want. SCORE!


Now im feeling a little guilty, but not very much... :grin:

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