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Haven't been to Echo Bay but I stayed at Double Bay Resort on Hanson Island several times...and fished Blackfish Sound, the mouth of the Nimpkish River, Blackney Passage, Johnstone Strait, etc. Every other year the big runs of pinks/humpys overwhelm the place...but the commercial seiners have "openings" for 36-48 hours once or twice a week and thin them out quite efficiently. There are some huge Chinook (the Canucks call them "springs", eh?) caught around there...trolling slow & deep. You have to supply your own bait so a herring jig setup is a must...finding schools of herring in eddies around narrow passages is usually easy. Not as many dogfish as in Puget Sound...and, due to the livefish fishery, not as many bottom fish either. There are some large halibut caught here & there...get a chart and target the seamounts and isolated reefs. Don't let the pods of killer whales scare you...they rarely capsize any boats and if they do, usually don't eat the overboard fishermen. :wink:

That's a wonderful area...when the weather is good. When the weather is bad, it's still a wonderful area (take raingear)...and the Canadian beer ain't bad, either. :cheers: Take lots of money with you...US greenbacks are welcomed in most places...nothing is cheap up there :shocked: .
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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