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I just ate a six ducks Sunday, taking the lousy ones, so my newer hunting friends wouldn't get turned off the gamey meat.

I took a spooney, two ringnecks, and three teal, and breasted them. I soaked the breasts in milk overnight. I cut the breast pieces into small strips, then sauteed them in butter. I drained the cooked blood/oil from the pan.

To that I added a quick spicy teriaki sauce. Brown sugar mixed into half cup boiling soy sauce until it won't disolve anymore, then add about a tablespoon of Schiracha (sp?) hot sauce to taste. Pour this into the skillet with the duck, and simmer for 5 minutes or so. Served over rice. I like it.

Instead of that sauce, sometimes i do the same thing, but put thai sweet chili sauce on it, straight out the bottle.

Here is another one I like:

Meat into small strips, soak in milk for 24 hours. Take the strips and dredge them in flour, then dip them in soy sauce and immediately deep fry. These won't stay crispy long, but man ar they good.

Blackberry reductions pair very well with roast whole wild duck.

I like any spicy or sweet (or both) sauce on duck.

My wife does crazy stuff like gumbos and braising, but that is more advanced and takes longer than I usually want to spend.

Most of my duck gets cooked in a pan, it isn't moist enough off the grill IMHO.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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