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Last night I got a phone call from a guy who was drifting from Shelburn to Green's bridge with a buddy, they hit a tree and lost their boat but were able to safely get out. This was in the section where the old log jams were. The jam is open however this section has many braided channels and changes frequently, if you boat this section PLEASE use caution and keep your wits. It may be an easy drift but a lack of attention can be costly. The jam is currently open but with an unstable channel and several downed trees in the area this could jam up again overnight and no one would know until they come upon it so use caution and be safe. The driftboat was a fairly new Alumaweld. It may turn up downstream or they may have recovered today it I don't know but if you see it contact me and I will relay the message to the owner. Thanks. Safe boating and good fishing.

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These warnings nad updates are so important!
Thank you for taking the time to give the heads up to other boaters. :smile:

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